Bühler and NRGene Technologies Ltd. have formed a strategic partnership aimed at optimizing black soldier fly genetics.
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Bühler and NRGene Announce Strategic Partnership

Today marks a significant leap forward for the rapidly evolving black soldier fly (BSF) industry as Swiss technology group Bühler and Israeli genomics company NRGene Technologies Ltd. announce their strategic collaboration. The alliance aims to optimize BSF genetics and processing, providing an integrated solution for efficient and cost-effective industrial-scale production of this sustainable protein source.

This partnership sees two industry leaders combining their expertise to unlock new opportunities in the BSF sector. Bühler, a Swiss multinational with more than 160 years of experience providing solutions for food, feed, and mobility, will contribute its state-of-the-art industrial technology. NRGene, on the other hand, is an AI genomics company with over 300 successful projects across the Ag-tech and food-tech sectors. Their role will be crucial in optimizing insect strains for improved performance using genomics and AI-based tools.

Andreas Baumann, Head of Market Segment Insect Technology at Bühler, emphasizes the importance of genetics in reducing production costs. Combining NRGene’s specialized BSF strains with Bühler’s advanced industrial technology, they hope to yield high-quality products while ensuring efficient use of raw materials, land, water, and energy. This integration, Baumann suggests, will confer a “crucial competitive advantage” in the marketplace.

Similarly, Dr. Gil Ronen, CEO and Founder of NRGene underscores the growing demand for meat, particularly for pets and livestock. “We believe that BSF’s potential as an alternative sustainable protein source can be realized only by amalgamating multi-disciplinary expertise from genetics to engineering,” Dr. Ronen states. This partnership is designed to address this very challenge.

BSFs are not just a fad but a sustainable protein source contributing to a circular economy model. They can be raised on organic waste, and their by-product, frass, can be used as a fertilizer. This zero-waste approach makes BSF an attractive alternative for livestock and pet feed and is gaining industry traction as businesses seek sustainable practices.

One of the most exciting aspects of this collaboration is the planned establishment of a North American Insect Center by NRGene’s Canadian subsidiary in Saskatchewan. Equipped by Bühler, the center will feature insect growth chambers with controlled environments and sensors to simulate industrial conditions. It will serve as a testing ground for BSF varieties and operational parameters, helping producers ensure efficient industrial-scale insect production.

This strategic collaboration between Bühler and NRGene represents a pivotal moment for the BSF industry. With their combined expertise in industrial technology and genetics, these companies are set to revolutionize the production landscape for black soldier flies. As the demand for alternative, sustainable protein sources continues to rise, this partnership paves the way for a more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable production model, answering a critical need in global agriculture and food production.

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