The ‘Deals’ category in agri-tech is dedicated to tracking and analyzing key business transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, and collaborations. This category provides a comprehensive view of how these deals are influencing the landscape and future of agricultural technology.

Mergers and Acquisitions

This section focuses on significant mergers and acquisitions in the agri-tech sector. It provides details on the entities involved, the scale of the deals, and their implications for the market. Understanding these mergers and acquisitions is crucial for grasping the consolidation trends in the industry and how they impact competition, innovation, and market dynamics.

Partnerships in Agri-Tech

The category also pays close attention to strategic partnerships formed within the agri-tech industry. This includes alliances between companies, research institutions, and other entities. The section examines the objectives of these partnerships, such as shared technology development, market expansion, or resource pooling, and their long-term impacts on the industry.

Collaborations Driving Innovation

Collaborations, especially those focused on research and development, are a critical component of this category. It highlights joint ventures and cooperative efforts aimed at fostering innovation in agricultural technology. This part delves into how these collaborations contribute to advancements in areas like precision agriculture, sustainable farming practices, and smart farming technologies.

Investments Projects

Genera Invests Over $340 Million in Sustainable Biomaterials

Key Takeaways: Genera, a sustainable molded fiber and biomaterials company, has initiated a $350 million expansion of its Sustainable Biomaterials Campus. The expansion.

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AgriBusiness Controlled Environment Agriculture Partnerships Smart Farming

AdeptAg and Hoogendoorn Growth Management Partner

Key Takeaways: Strategic Partnership: AdeptAg collaborates with Hoogendoorn Growth Management to enhance horticulture technology. Shared Vision: Both companies aim to advance the future.

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Partnerships Vertical Farming

Senn Brothers Partners with AmplifiedAg for Vertical Farming Venture

Key Takeaways: Senn Brothers Produce, a South Carolina-based food distributor, has launched its vertical farming business. The company introduces ‘Sennsational FRESH,’ an indoor-grown.

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Partnerships Vertical Farming

Canobi.ONE & MCH Introduce drop-N-gro Modular Farm

Key Takeaways: Canobi.ONE partners with MCH, a Montreal-based modular building company, to create drop-N-gro, an advanced modular indoor farm. The collaboration aims to.

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Controlled Environment Agriculture Partnerships

ZERO’s Groundbreaking Project in Canada: Future FarmCo

Key Takeaways: ZERO’s first North American project, Future FarmCo, is a joint venture with Canadian investors. The project involves converting a former pharmaceutical.

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Controlled Environment Agriculture Partnerships

ReFarm: Dubai’s Latest GigaFarm With IGS

Key Takeaways: Innovative Collaboration: Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS) partners with ReFarm for Dubai’s GigaFarm project​. Waste-to-Value Farming: The 900,000 sq. ft. GigaFarm will.

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AgriBusiness Partnerships

Lavie Bio’s Strategic Partnership with WinField United Canada

Key Takeaways: Exclusive Distribution Agreement: Lavie Bio Ltd. has entered an exclusive distribution agreement with WinField United Canada for its bio-inoculant seed treatment Yalos™,.

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Livestock Partnerships Smart Farming

HerdWhistle Technologies Partners with Impresario

Key Takeaways: Strategic Partnership: HerdWhistle Technologies Incorporated has partnered strategically with Impresario Partners to expand globally. Advisory Board Addition: George Moen, a partner at Impresario,.

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Projects Renewable Energy

DEPCOM Power Inaugurates Puerto Rico’s Largest Solar and BESS Project: Ciro One

Key Takeaways: Landmark Solar and BESS Project: DEPCOM Power inaugurates Ciro One, Puerto Rico’s most extensive solar and battery energy storage system. Comprehensive.

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AgriBusiness Partnerships Sustainable Agriculture

Silal and Bayer Partner to Address Climate Challenges in the UAE

Key Takeaways: Strategic Partnership: Silal and Bayer have announced a collaboration to enhance agricultural practices in the UAE, focusing on climate change mitigation. Capacity.

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