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Ceickor University and Blue Radix Partner

Ceickor University and Blue Radix have partnered to integrate AI and Autonomous Growing into Mexico's greenhouse industry
Key Takeaways
  1. Addressing Labor Shortages: Ceickor, the Greenhouse University of Mexico, collaborates with Blue Radix to tackle the shortage of skilled growers and labor in Mexico’s booming greenhouse industry.
  2. Embracing AI in Horticulture: The partnership aims to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Autonomous Growing into Mexican greenhouse operations, staying ahead of industry advancements.
  3. Educational Integration: Ceickor’s objective is to equip students with knowledge and skills in AI-driven greenhouse management, preparing them for the evolving demands of the horticulture sector.
  4. Demonstrating Practical Value: Through this partnership, Ceickor, and Blue Radix seek to optimize AI functionalities for Mexican conditions and showcase the benefits of AI in greenhouse management at Ceickor’s facilities.
  5. Global Perspective and Local Application: Blue Radix brings global expertise in AI for greenhouse operations, addressing local needs in Mexico and other countries facing similar challenges in skilled labor shortages.

The greenhouse industry in Mexico is rapidly expanding, but it faces a crucial challenge: a need for more skilled growers and labor. To address this, Ceickor University, a prominent educational institution in Mexico specializing in protected agriculture, and Blue Radix, a leader in Autonomous Growing, have forged a strategic partnership. The agreement was celebrated with a signing ceremony on October 11, attended by Felix Tarrats, Director of Ceickor, Ronald Hoek, CEO of Blue Radix, and many students.

Felix Tarrats emphasized Ceickor’s commitment to preparing students for Mexico’s horticulture industry, underscoring the need to stay updated with the latest developments, particularly in Autonomous Growing. This approach aligns with the growing impact of technological advancements in the Mexican greenhouse sector.

Ronald Hoek of Blue Radix highlighted the role of AI in addressing the industry’s challenges. Knowledge sharing and practical demonstrations are crucial to embracing technology as the industry navigates new developments. Autonomous Growing, powered by AI, is not just a concept but a practical solution with tangible benefits for the industry.

The collaboration between Ceickor and Blue Radix is centered around four main goals:
  1. Knowledge Exchange: Disseminating information about AI and autonomous growth in greenhouse operations.
  2. Educational Focus: Preparing students for AI-driven greenhouse management.
  3. Customized AI Solutions: Tailoring AI functionalities to meet the specific requirements of Mexican growers.
  4. Practical Application: The adoption of AI in Mexican greenhouses was encouraged and demonstrated at Ceickor’s mid- and high-tech production facilities.

Blue Radix’s role in this partnership is crucial. With its expertise in AI solutions for greenhouse processes, the company aims to mitigate the shortage of experienced growers in Mexico and other countries. Their diverse team is dedicated to empowering growers to manage extensive greenhouse areas while enhancing yield and product quality.

Felix Tarrats acknowledges the industry’s fundamental challenges, such as resource scarcity. He believes that technology and a practical and open-minded approach can help overcome these obstacles and improve production efficiency and value.

Ceickor and Blue Radix’s partnership represents a significant step towards integrating advanced technology into Mexico’s greenhouse industry. It addresses immediate labor shortages and sets a precedent for the future of sustainable and efficient agricultural practices.

Image provided by Blue Radix

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