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DENSO Corporation Acquires Certhon: Celebration With Seed Planting

Key Takeaways

  • DENSO Corporation, the world’s second-largest supplier of advanced automotive technology, has acquired Certhon, a leading developer of greenhouse projects.
  • The acquisition addresses global food and agriculture challenges by combining innovative technologies and shared values.
  • The partnership was celebrated by planting a symbolic seed, marking a new era of growth and innovation in the horticulture sector.


On July 31, DENSO Corporation officially announced its acquisition of Certhon, a frontrunner in the development of greenhouse projects. The acquisition was commemorated with a symbolic seed-planting ceremony attended by employees and special guests to signify a fruitful future for both companies.

Shared Vision and Mission

Certhon CEO Lotte van Rijn expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership: “Certhon and DENSO share the same vision and mission: enabling global cultivation with innovative technologies and a dedicated team.” Similarly, Mr. Hidehiro Yokoo, Senior Executive Officer of the Food Value Chain Business Development Division at DENSO, emphasized aligning values and complementary technologies between the two companies. “Together, we will continue to grow to provide the best solutions for food safety worldwide,” said Yokoo.

Focus on Sustainability

DENSO’s commitment to sustainable objectives, such as mitigating the impact of climate change and promoting resource efficiency, aligns seamlessly with Certhon’s dedication to a healthy and prosperous future. This collaboration aims to leverage both companies’ expertise and resources to foster innovation and sustainability within the horticulture sector.

A Milestone in Horticultural Technology

The Dutch Ministry also recognized the significance of this acquisition. Mr. Frederik Vossenaar, Special Envoy of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, lauded the strategic move as an “exciting journey of innovation and cooperation within the world of horticultural technology.” According to Vossenaar, the partnership between DENSO and Certhon is a “unique combination of automation, advanced horticultural technology, and cultivation knowledge,” which he believes will remain a robust alliance.

Future Prospects

The symbolic seed planted at the end of the ceremony represents more than just a ritual; it symbolizes the companies’ joint future and the “harvest of opportunities” they aim to realize. Lotte van Rijn stressed the importance of this symbol, stating, “We cannot wait to realize beautiful projects together. This seed, therefore, symbolizes our joint future and the harvest of opportunities that, with the help of robotics, we will yield.”

Image provided by Certhon

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