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Eden Green Announces Expansion to Meet Growing Demand

Eden Green Technology embarks on a strategic expansion, pioneering a hybrid approach to farming with their state-of-the-art greenhouses.
Key Takeaways:
  1. Expansion Plans: Eden Green Technology has commenced a $40 million Phase 2 expansion at their Cleburne campus to scale up commercial production.
  2. Hybrid Approach: The company is pioneering a blend of controlled environment agriculture, merging vertical farming with greenhouse technology to boost yield and efficiency.
  3. Strategic Growth: with a history of strategic financial management, Will Parkey has been appointed as the Chief Financial Officer to accelerate Eden Green’s growth.
  4. Economic Vision: Eden Green aims to establish 20 greenhouses in the U.S. over the next five years, enhancing the company’s lettuce production capability to nearly six million pounds annually.
  5. Location Strategy: Eden Green strategically places its facilities near major retail distribution hubs, ensuring efficient 48-hour delivery from greenhouse to store and significantly reducing transportation miles.

Eden Green Technology, a frontrunner in indoor vertical farming, recently announced plans to upscale its commercial production in response to escalating market demand. This announcement came alongside breaking ground on their $40 million Phase 2 expansion at the Cleburne campus and the introduction of Will Parkey as Chief Financial Officer to propel the company’s strategic growth.

Eddy Badrina, CEO of Eden Green, emphasized the rising challenges in the food supply chain due to volatile weather events, unpredictable market conditions, and the growing demand for fresh produce throughout the year. He mentioned, “Eden Green was conceived to navigate these challenges, and our next growth phase is a pivotal milestone.” He also highlighted the importance of integrating an executive with substantial expertise in strategic growth during this expansion phase to make fresh produce more available and affordable for consumers.

Eden Green has combined vertical farming with greenhouse technology by adopting a novel hybrid model of controlled environment agriculture (CEA). This approach, backed by their patented hydroponic system, allows the company to utilize 95% less electricity than traditional indoor farms. Furthermore, Eden Green can price their lettuce competitively, saving consumers up to $2 per head compared to other greenhouse and vertical farm competitors.

Their ambitious vision over the next half-decade includes setting up a network of 20 greenhouses throughout the U.S. Currently, two additional greenhouses are being established in Cleburne, TX, to start operations by early 2025. These facilities will create 100 new jobs in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area and triple Eden Green’s growing capacity. It will further pave the way for pioneering technologies that bolster efficiency, minimize environmental impact, and ensure prolonged freshness.

Will Parkey’s entry as Chief Financial Officer is pivotal to Eden Green’s next growth chapter. With a decade’s experience in financial management and strategic expansion, Parkey has previously served as CFO at Amtel and Firestone & Robertson Distilling Company. His legacy of bolstering companies’ growth trajectories will be instrumental in Eden Green’s nationwide expansion plans.

Parkey shared his enthusiasm about joining the team, acknowledging the growth potential in controlled environment agriculture. He emphasized Eden Green’s distinctive blend of proprietary technology and a unique distribution strategy, deeming it a robust foundation for swift expansion.

Eden Green’s facilities are optimally located within a mile of significant retail distribution centers. This strategic positioning facilitates a 48-hour delivery window from the greenhouse to the store, resulting in a whopping 95% cut in transportation miles. Their supply is two million pounds of produce annually, catering to multiple U.S. retailers, including over 400 Walmart outlets in Texas and Oklahoma.

About Eden Green Technology

A pioneer in the Dallas-Fort Worth agri-tech space, Eden Green Technology is driven by its mission to make hyper-fresh, locally sourced produce accessible to all. Their revolutionary tech-infused greenhouses testify to their commitment to the availability of sustainable, safe, and year-round produce. Through their philanthropic endeavors, they earmark up to 10% of each harvest for donation. 

Photo by Zoe Schaeffer on Unsplash

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