Corporate Funding Round

Enko Secures Additional Funding From Eight Roads Ventures, Nufarm, Endeavor8 and Akroyd LLC

AgTech company, Enko Banks $80M to Advance Novel Crop Protection Solutions

Enko, a leading crop health company, has secured $80 million in additional funding from top investors, including Eight Roads Ventures, Nufarm, Endeavor8, and Akroyd LLC. This latest funding round brings Enko’s total capital raised to date to an impressive $150 million.

“The gaps in our global food system are impossible to overlook, and ag-bio players like Enko are at the highest edge of applying new digital tools to steer innovation and future-proof our food supply,” said Dr. Prem Pavoor, Senior Partner, Head of India & Healthcare Investments, Eight Roads Ventures. “By supporting better crop protection, we can help enhance outputs, lower waste, and construct more sustainable food systems for our growing population on an increasingly unstable planet. We must lean into essential systems like agriculture in challenging macroeconomic environments.”

Enko is committed to providing solutions to global food security challenges. This new funding will help advance their product pipeline of novel crop protection chemistries. The company’s proprietary technology platform, ENKOMPASS, uses advanced DNA-encoded library screening, machine learning, and structure-based design to find new and improved chemistries for crop protection.

The product pipeline at Enko is led by a range of herbicides designed to break weed and pest resistance cycles and reduce the environmental load compared to current solutions. This innovative approach to crop protection has already garnered the attention of major players in the agriculture industry, including Bayer, Syngenta, and Nufarm.

“These funds will help boost our endeavors to bring compelling new crop protection solutions to market,” said Jacqueline Heard, CEO of Enko. “Farmers around the globe are struggling with increasing challenges aggravated by climate change. Enko is striving to help growers cost-effectively adjust and mitigate key global food chain challenges: pesticide-resistant weeds, fungus, and pests.”

The recent funding follows Enko’s successful Series C funding round. It continues its mission to provide sustainable and effective crop protection solutions to farmers worldwide. With this additional capital, Enko is well-positioned to advance its technology further and bring innovative solutions to the market.

Photo by Jake Gard on Unsplash 

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