ESG Champion Dómhnal Slattery Named as Pure Harvest Smart Farms’ New Strategic Advisor

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Prominent businessman and serial entrepreneur join Pure Harvest Asia’s premier Agritech enterprise with over three decades of expertise in invention, investment, and growth.

Dómhnal Slattery has joined the advisory board of Pure Harvest Smart Farms (Pure Harvest), a pioneering, sustainable technology-enabled agribusiness with headquarters in the United Arab Emirates and a growing presence throughout Asia. Sky Kurtz, the founder, and CEO of Pure Harvest will be supported by Slattery’s appointment. Mr. Slattery has over thirty years of expertise in starting and growing international businesses. In addition to having a strong worldwide business network, he has a long history of promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in his native Ireland, which makes him an important addition to the Pure Harvest leadership team.

Mr. Slattery assisted in the growth and establishment of numerous aircraft leasing platforms throughout his career, enabling over 200 international airlines to provide air travel to millions of people, many of whom were doing so for the first time. Mr. Slattery is now devoting his time and effort to achieving a net-zero world by collaborating with investors, founders, and strategic stakeholders to find and support businesses that can provide solutions to the biggest climate-related problems in the world.

Mr. Slattery has worked in aviation for three decades and contributed significantly to the growth of the current global aviation finance industry. During that period, he founded two significant aviation leasing businesses, notably Avolon in 2010, which grew to become one of the largest aircraft lessors in the world with a balance sheet of over $30 billion USD. Additionally, he is now the Chairman of Vertical Aerospace, a NYSE-listed business (“EVTL”) that is revolutionizing urban air mobility and reducing carbon emissions in aviation.

Sky Kurtz, the founder and CEO of Pure Harvest, continued, “We are honored to welcome Dómhnal to the Advisory Board to further help me and my team as we work to increase food and water security throughout the markets we serve by making food production more sustainable. As we continue on our development trajectory, his exceptional commercial acumen, extensive networks, and clear dedication to both innovation and sustainability make him an excellent advice partner. A motivating serial entrepreneur, Domhnal challenges us to develop personally and professionally. I am honored to have him as a member of our family.”

In response to his new advisory position at Pure Harvest, Dómhnal Slattery stated: “Food security is one of the most important and concerning concerns confronting humans in a world riddled with geopolitical challenges. When it comes to providing workable, scalable, and impact-driven solutions to the very real, everyday needs we all have, few businesses in the world are better positioned than Pure Harvest. When I evaluate the businesses I work with, I pay great attention to the founders’ goals, their personalities, the issues they try to tackle, and the overall impact they have on the environment. I have discovered a group that shares my vision and aspirations for a world that is more environmentally conscious and, in fact, food secure in Sky and the Pure Harvest management team. Being able to support this outstanding team at this pivotal time is a genuinely exciting honor.”

Image provided by Pure Harvest Smart Farm

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