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Gardin and Boxford Farms Team Up to Boost Glasshouse Yields

Gardin partner with Boxford Farms AgTech

Gardin, a technology firm, has teamed up with Boxford Farms to showcase an innovation that could revolutionize how commercial glasshouse growers monitor and manage their crops. The technology, which monitors crop health, reduces variance across farms, and increases yield, has demonstrated its potential to drive performance improvements in the farming industry.

One of the significant challenges that commercial glasshouse growers face is microclimate variability within the same greenhouse zone, which Gardin’s technology seeks to address. By measuring photosynthetic performance, the technology provides actionable insights susceptible to early stress indicators. This allows farmers to detect and respond to issues before they become visible quickly.

“Our technology’s ability to detect these differences in plant health and provide real-time insights to farmers is what sets it apart,” said Dr. Steven Grundy, Senior Plant Scientist at Gardin. “The trial results show a promising positive correlation between the change in plant health and the yield of the strawberries, demonstrating the value of our technology in improving crop health and boosting yield.”


In partnership with Boxford Farms, Gardin’s technology was used to monitor the health of commercially grown strawberry plants in two areas of their commercial glasshouse – the historically best and worst yielding areas. The trial results were promising, with Gardin’s monitoring system detecting immediate differences in plant health between the two regions. The lower yield area saw a continuous deterioration in health, while the higher yield area maintained a steady health status.

The value of Gardin’s technology lies in its ability to provide real-time insights to farmers, helping them to identify areas of underperformance and take action to improve crop health and yields. This is particularly important in the farming industry, where quick decisions are essential to protect crops and prevent losses.

The partnership between Gardin and Boxford Farms is set to continue throughout 2023, monitoring strawberries throughout their growing season. If the trial results are anything to go by, this innovative technology could significantly impact the farming industry, increasing yields and improving crop health.

Image provided by Gardin

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