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GreenVenus Announces Breakthrough in Avocado Gene Editing

GreenVenus Announces Breakthrough in Avocado Gene Editing

GreenVenus, LLC, a leading biotechnology company specializing in genetic engineering for sustainable agriculture, announced a significant achievement in avocado gene editing and plant regeneration. GreenVenus’s scientists have successfully altered a crucial gene linked to fruit browning, paving the way for producing higher-quality avocados.

Global consumption and trade of avocados have surged in recent years. However, commercial challenges persist, mainly the significant browning of avocado flesh when exposed to air, a natural enzymatic process that leads to considerable economic losses and diminished consumer appeal. GreenVenus sought to address this issue by utilizing the power of CRISPR gene-editing technology to develop a non-GMO solution.

The company has successfully created multiple avocado lines with increased resistance to browning by “knocking out” the polyphenol oxidase (PPO) gene, a critical gene in the browning pathway. Several elite commercial varieties are currently under development and analysis.

“Solving the avocado editing challenge and regenerating plants from single cells required innovative solutions,” said Walter Viss, Vice President of Cell Biology and Strategy at GreenVenus. “We are thrilled to have developed a method that works across key commercial varieties.”

This breakthrough holds significant potential for improving avocado production and substantially benefits farmers, distributors, and consumers. Browning-resistant avocados could decrease waste and improve post-harvest shelf life, giving farmers and distributors more time to sell the fruit. Additionally, consumers can enjoy the taste and nutritional benefits of avocados without the worry of browning, making this versatile fruit even more appealing for everyday consumption.

“GreenVenus is immensely proud to reach this important milestone in avocado gene editing,” said Dr. Shiv Tiwari, Chief Executive Officer at GreenVenus. “Our dedicated team has been relentlessly striving to enhance the sustainability and quality of agricultural products. This breakthrough in avocado gene editing epitomizes our commitment to providing innovative solutions to real-world challenges. We are excited about the potential impact of our browning-resistant avocados on the industry and the global community.”

The gene editing and plant regeneration techniques successfully developed by GreenVenus also open new avenues for further advances in the broader field of crop improvement. As it continues to leverage genetic engineering, GreenVenus underscores its ongoing dedication to fostering a more sustainable and resilient agricultural future.

Photo by Nur Afni Setiyaningrum on Unsplash 


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