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iFarm Will Construct the World’s Largest High-Tech Vertical Farm in Mexico

Vertical farming technology provider, iFarm, announced its partnership with Opus 2G Group to construct an advanced, automated vertical farm in the Mexico’s Smart City of Tehuantepec, in Oaxaca’s South. The state-of-the-art vertical farm will have a cultivation area of 38,500 square meters. It will employ iFarm’s cutting-edge StackGrow technology to grow over 35 different types of leafy greens and microgreens.

The Smart City of Tehuantepec is part of the Interoceanic Corridor of Tehuantepec Isthmus, a government project to bolster economic growth in Mexico’s Southeast states. The CIINT Benito Juárez initiative includes heavy industries such as chemicals, energy, and agriculture and will create around 75,000 jobs in its initial phase. The city will be constructed from scratch to house over 170,000 people, 40 km from the Salina Cruz port in Oaxaca.

iFarm’s vertical farm will be a vital project component, with a potential monthly yield of over 288 tons of high-quality crops. In addition, the hydroponic vertical farming system will enable the production of fresh, sustainable produce year-round. The pilot farm is set to launch in 2024 and is expected to revolutionize the food production landscape in Mexico and globally.

Opus 2G Group, leading the Tehuantepec Smart City project, is enthusiastic about collaborating with iFarm. The vertical farm represents a significant commitment to making a social and environmental impact, according to Alexander Lyskovsky, CEO of iFarm. iFarm and Opus 2G Group’s partnership is an exciting development in vertical farming that could bring significant change to the agricultural industry.

By 2028, Opus 2G Group and iFarm want to build 22 automated vertical farms in the smart city. The food production strategy for the future includes a diverse range of crops, including berries, fruits, vegetables, flowers, and medicinal plants. iFarm and Opus 2G Group will also conduct a cooperative study to build an indoor farming system for growing coffee and cocoa beans.

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