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Infarm Partners With Carbmee for Carbon Data Management

Infarm Carbon program

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 16, 2022 – Infarm, the rapidly growing global vertical farming company, integrates carbmee’s carbon management software to monitor and report on its Scope 3 emissions. The company recently stated its vision for the impact of the future of food and its commitment to setting Net Zero Science-Based Targets in its Impact Vision Paper. The paper outlines actions Infarm is taking in its ‘Big Four’ impact areas: local production and urban farming, land use and biodiversity, water, and carbon and energy. Reducing its Scope 3 emissions – the indirect CO2 emissions resulting from the upstream and downstream supply chain activities – plays a significant role in Infarm’s Net Zero ambitions.

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“As a purpose-born business with a strong environmental mission, decarbonising our business and supply chain is critically important to us. To meet our goals, we are collecting high-quality data and applying credible carbon accounting standards. This enables us to drive meaningful action on the ground. Carbmee helps us gain visibility of the emissions embedded within our supply chain, to then reduce emissions in collaboration with our suppliers”, comments Arnavaz Schatten, Director of Sustainability and Impact at Infarm.

“Over the past two decades, it’s been common for companies to make pledges to improve their sustainability without a strategy or plan for implementation. It’s exciting for carbmee to be working with Infarm, a company that’s really committed to a Net Zero future rooted in science, and thus ensuring that every part of their process and product is as sustainable as possible”, says Robin Spickers, Co-Founder and Managing Director at carbmee.

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Under the guidance of the Science-Based Target initiative and in line with the Paris Climate Agreement, Infarm will set and communicate its Net Zero Science-Based Targets by the end of 2022. Almost half of Infarm’s carbon emissions are estimated to occur in the supply chain, both upstream and downstream (Scope 3). In addition, Infarm also works on its Scope 1 emissions (direct emissions from its owned or controlled sources) and Scope 2 emissions (indirect emissions – i.e. from purchased electricity).

Infarm’s Impact Vision Paper can be downloaded here. 


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