Lavie Bio and Corteva enter licensing agreement to tackle fruit rots and powdery mildew: a promising step towards sustainable agriculture.
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Lavie Bio and Corteva Enter Licensing Agreement

Lavie Bio Ltd., a subsidiary of Evogene Ltd., has entered into a licensing agreement with Corteva Inc., granting exclusive rights to Corteva for the development and commercialization of bio-fungicide products targeting fruit rots and powdery mildew. These diseases have been causing substantial losses in the agricultural industry, leading to billions of dollars in damages annually.

Fruit rots and powdery mildew pose a severe threat to vineyards, fruits, and vegetables worldwide. Botrytis, a fruit rot pathogen, can cause extensive damage when it comes into contact with infected plant material. Powdery mildew, on the other hand, spreads rapidly through wind-dispersed spores, making it challenging to control and manage.

The collaboration between Lavie Bio and Corteva will enable Lavie Bio’s developed products to reach farmers on a global scale. Leveraging Corteva’s expertise in ag-biologicals, this agreement aims to bring Lavie Bio’s innovative product candidates to market successfully. Both companies are committed to providing farmers with effective, environmentally friendly, sustainable solutions to combat agricultural challenges.

Amit Noam, CEO of Lavie Bio, expressed his confidence in the collaboration, emphasizing the combined strengths of both companies. Lavie Bio’s expertise, powered by Evogene’s MicroBoost AI tech-engine and comprehensive product development capabilities, complements Corteva’s market leadership and scale-up capabilities. This partnership not only highlights Lavie Bio’s technological capabilities but also accelerates the introduction of groundbreaking ag-biological solutions that benefit farmers, consumers, and the environment.

Sam Eathington, Executive Vice President, Chief Technology, and Digital Officer at Corteva Agriscience, highlighted the company’s commitment to providing better solutions to farmers in an ever-changing food system. He emphasized that the agreement with Lavie Bio offers Corteva another avenue to bring innovative solutions to farmers now and in the future.

Lavie Bio, a subsidiary of Evogene Ltd., focuses on developing microbiome-based ag-biological products to enhance food quality, sustainability, and agricultural productivity. Their proprietary computational predictive platform, the BDD platform, powered by Evogene’s MicroBoost AI tech engine, employs big data, artificial intelligence, and advanced informatics to discover, optimize, and develop bio-stimulant and bio-pesticide products.

Evogene Ltd., the parent company of Lavie Bio, is a computational biology company dedicated to revolutionizing the development of life science-based products. They employ cutting-edge technologies, including their unique tech engines—MicroBoost AI, ChemPass AI, and GeneRator AI—to increase the probability of success while reducing development time and costs. Evogene utilizes these tech engines through subsidiaries and strategic partnerships in various domains, including human microbiome-based therapeutics, ag-biologicals, ag-chemicals, medical cannabis products, and biofuel crops.

Corteva Inc. is a globally recognized, publicly traded agriculture company focused on innovation, customer engagement, and operational execution. They offer a diverse range of seed, crop protection, and digital products and services, positioning themselves to address the most pressing challenges in agriculture. With a commitment to maximizing productivity for farmers and enriching the lives of producers and consumers alike, Corteva aims to ensure progress for generations to come.

The licensing agreement between Lavie Bio and Corteva represents a significant step toward combating fruit rots and powdery mildew effectively. By leveraging the strengths of both companies, this collaboration has the potential to bring about sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions that benefit farmers worldwide. As the agricultural industry faces increasing challenges, such partnerships pave the way for innovation and progress in addressing critical issues and securing the future of food production.

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