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Re-Nuble Project Awarded USD 4.6M Grant By The USDA

Re-Nuble Awarded grant by the USDA

As a part of the second pool of partnerships for climate-focused agriculture funding opportunities, Re-Nuble’s, project titled “Increasing Farm Resource Efficiency by Utilizing On-Site Post-Production Food Byproducts into Innovative Fertilizers and Climate-Smart Commodities,” was given a $4.6 million grant by the USDA. To encourage these prospective early adopters to test out new technologies while minimizing risk for all parties, the USDA is offering financial and market-driven incentives.

Re-Nuble announced that they’ve been awarded a $4.6 million grant as part of the second pool of partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities funding opportunity. The project is focused on creating value for farms using their on-site, post-production agricultural byproducts and unharvested residuals. The USDA is partnering with agriculture, forestry, and rural communities to provide climate solutions that strengthen rural America.

“Re-Nuble is happy to see the USDA give small and disadvantaged farmers higher priority when allocating resources since we have frequently seen larger growers profit from creative solutions,” the company said. There is generally little motivation to share the knowledge and experiences gained from such pilot initiatives, despite the fact that many times there are the resources available to seek solutions like ours in a competitive manner. Thankfully, the USDA is now offering monetary rewards and market-driven incentives to encourage these prospective early adopters to test out new technology while minimizing risk for everyone involved.” commented Tinia Pina, founder and CEO of Re-Nuble, “I believe it’s really noble for the USDA to create a program that offers market, equipment, and financial assistance while also focusing on optimizing for scalability.”

Leveraging its organic cycling science approach enabling farms to use fully integrated, closed-loop, and self-sustaining nutrient systems, Re-Nuble aims to introduce innovative closed-loop agriculture methods that optimize for regenerative and sustainable agriculture methods generating additional revenue streams from waste streams.

“Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for farms to integrate climate-focused agriculture solutions into their operations. By removing the middlemen, we empower farms to take closed-loop solutions into their own hands. We want to enable meaningful, scalable change in the food system”, said Riyana Razalee, Re-Nuble’s Head of Business Development & Strategy.

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