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UK Gov Responds to ICAI Recommendations on Aid to Agriculture

The UK Government has officially responded to the Independent Commission for Aid Impact’s (ICAI) review on UK aid to agriculture in the context of climate change. From 2016 to 2021, the review acknowledged the UK’s significant contributions to poverty alleviation through its agricultural aid programs. The government has accepted all of ICAI’s recommendations and is taking steps to implement them.

Key Highlights from the Government’s Response:

  1. Recognition of the UK’s Efforts: The government appreciates ICAI’s recognition of the positive impacts of UK aid to agriculture. This includes the effectiveness of delivery programs, research, investments, and the value of the UK’s thought leadership in the international community.
  2. Strategic Clarity: The FCDO’s Agriculture Conceptual Framework of 2015 has been praised for providing clear direction to the UK’s agricultural development initiatives. The recently published UK’s International Development Strategy (IDS) emphasizes sustainable and inclusive agriculture and food systems as a top priority.
  3. Commitment to Climate Change: The UK’s Integrated Review Refresh (IRR) reaffirms the nation’s dedication to addressing climate change, environmental degradation, and biodiversity loss. The focus will be on improving global food security and nutrition.
  4. Coherent Program Implementation: The government agrees with ICAI’s recommendation for a more coherent approach to agriculture in light of climate change. Efforts are underway to enhance global food security and promote climate-sensitive agriculture.
  5. Recommendations and Actions:
    • Climate Focus: All agriculture programs and investments will integrate a focus on climate change and nature, aligning with the Paris Agreement.
    • Nutritional Monitoring: Commercial agriculture programs will be monitored for nutritional outcomes, ensuring they contribute positively to nutrition.
    • Securing UK’s Influence: The government is taking measures to bolster the UK’s influence and leadership in agriculture. This includes investing in research, evidence, and technical expertise to address global food and climate challenges.
    • Collaboration: AgDevCo and BII will continue collaborating, sharing market information and coordinating investment activities.
    • Research Coordination: DSIT, UKRI, and FCDO will work together to enhance the relevance and effectiveness of their agricultural research portfolio, focusing on building climate-resilient food systems.

The government’s response underscores its commitment to addressing the challenges of climate change, especially in agriculture. By accepting and acting on ICAI’s recommendations, the UK aims to lead the way in sustainable agricultural practices and policies that benefit both the environment and global communities.

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