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VertiFarm 2023: Shaping Sustainable Urban Farming’s Future

VertiFarm 2023 in Dortmund showcases the forefront of sustainable urban agriculture, merging technology and innovation.
Key Takeaways:
  1. Global Significance: VertiFarm 2023 addresses a global concern of food security amidst the challenges of climate change.
  2. Innovative Systems: Fraunhofer UMSICHT to showcase systems for urban food production, leveraging sewage treatment plants for nutrients and AI-based plant lighting controls.
  3. Technological Leaders: Major global businesses, from SANANBIO to SIEMENS, will present state-of-the-art technologies for vertical farming, lighting, and horticulture.
  4. Expert Insights: A stellar line-up of speakers will address diverse topics, from the profitability of vertical farming to leveraging technology for human growers.
  5. International Collaboration: The 7th International Summit of the Association for Vertical Farming e.V. to discuss science, sustainability, technology, and urban food challenges.
Food Security in a Changing World

As the implications of global warming intensify, the need for resilient and sustainable agricultural practices becomes increasingly urgent. VertiFarm 2023, set to take place from September 26th to 28th , presents a glimpse into the future of agriculture. Messe Dortmund will once again host this pivotal event, bringing together experts worldwide to exchange knowledge, ideas, and innovative solutions for tomorrow’s agricultural challenges.

Oberhausen-based Fraunhofer UMSICHT is set to unveil groundbreaking agricultural systems that hold promise for urban areas. These systems support local food production and champion sustainable urban development. For instance, the ALMARKTgarten in Oberhausen has transformed the roof of a Job Center into a thriving agricultural space. Such innovations, combined with projects like the SUSKULT that leverages sewage treatment plants for nutrient extraction, highlight a shift towards closed-loop, sustainable farming.

Global players in the agricultural technology sector will be in attendance. SANANBIO, OSRAM, SIEMENS, vGreens Holding, and Vertical Future are just a few of the organizations showcasing their pioneering technologies. The exhibition promises to cover every facet of next-generation farming, from state-of-the-art indoor vertical farming solutions and horticultural lighting to advanced crop management and automation.

A comprehensive three-day stage program has been curated, featuring influential speakers from the world of agriculture, science, and business. The topics span a wide range, reflecting on the profitability, technological advancements, and retail strategies of vertical farming.

The Association for Vertical Farming will also host its 7th International Summit alongside VertiFarm 2023. This summit promises to be a melting pot of ideas and discussions, touching upon science, technology, sustainability, and the intricate relationship between food and urban spaces.

As VertiFarm 2023 beckons, it presents an opportunity to reimagine the future of food and agriculture. It seeks to pave the way for a more sustainable and resilient global food system through collaborative efforts, technological advancements, and innovative approaches.

Image provided by VertiFarm

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