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Actemium Canada Partners With GoodLeaf For Two New Sites

Actemium Canada is an engineering and system integration firm with a reputation for innovation and excellence in automation. The company has recently partnered with GoodLeaf Community Farms, a leading Canadian producer of hyper-local greens, to project manage the installation and start-up of two new greenfield sites.

With its extensive experience in engineering design and project management, Actemium is well-equipped to help GoodLeaf achieve peak efficiency and alignment between its vertical farming sites in Guelph, ON, Calgary, AB, and Longueuil, QC. In addition, actemium will manage the overall integrated construction and startup schedules using its own in-house project management software METRIX to ensure a smooth and efficient process from start to finish.

In the press release, Connie Jones, General Manager at Actemium Toronto – Services, spoke highly of the partnership with GoodLeaf Community Farms, emphasizing their shared values of corporate responsibility and sustainability. According to Jones, GoodLeaf’s understanding of Actemium’s business and offerings has enabled a seamless collaboration in areas such as innovation and expansion. Connie Jones added that both parties communicate effectively and work towards a common goal, whether it’s related to budget, scheduling, or asset care planning. Jones described the partnership as a fluid relationship where Actemium is committed to facilitating GoodLeaf in any way possible to optimize its operations and enhance customer service.


GoodLeaf Community Farms will benefit from Actemium’s services and solutions, which include master schedule integration, project management services, Metrix software, equipment installs, and asset care program creation. By partnering with Actemium, GoodLeaf can offer its customers hyper-local, nutrient-dense, and ultra-fresh greens while maintaining a high level of operational efficiency.

Actemium’s commitment to creating opportunities through forward thinking has made it a leader in the industry of the future. The company’s automation and engineering solutions expertise has helped many businesses achieve their goals and streamline their operations. With its focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Actemium is poised to continue positively impacting engineering and automation for years to come.

Photo by Elly Brian on Unsplash 

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