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Affinor Growers Joins Freshbay To Participate In Geothermal Greenhouse Project

Affinor Growers Partner With Freshbay

Affinor Growers Inc. and Freshbay Inc. have joined forces to bring a cutting-edge deep-earth geothermal agricultural site to Hinton, Alberta. Freshbay, a leader in sustainable agriculture, will build a 19-acre greenhouse facility that spans over 800,000 square feet to cultivate various fruits and vegetables, with a particular emphasis on strawberries.

Affinor Growers, known for its innovative vertical farming technology, will provide Freshbay with its state-of-the-art 3-level rotating towers and 800,000 square feet of the “New” Atlantis Greenhouses. The buildings, designed by Affinor, will maximize production yields and deliver high-quality crops to local markets in Canada. In addition to supplying the necessary equipment, Affinor will assist Freshbay with producing strawberries and enter into an off-take agreement for all products grown with Affinor technology. The companies will formalize their partnership with a purchase and sale agreement, license agreement, or a similar agreement by March 30, 2023.

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“We are thrilled to collaborate with Freshbay on this geothermal endeavor. Our vertical farming technology was specifically crafted for ventures of this magnitude and in northern climates. The heat energy, abundant sunshine, and glacier-fed water in Hinton, combined with the dry and cold air throughout the year, make for ideal growing conditions. We anticipate that this project will result in exceptional production quality, producing an unprecedented quantity of strawberries for local markets.” commented the CEO of Affinor, Nick Brusatore

This exciting collaboration between Affinor and Freshbay will bring innovative technology to the agricultural industry and provide Canadians with locally grown, high-quality produce. The partnership is a testament to the companies’ commitment to sustainable agriculture and their dedication to bringing fresh, healthy food to local communities.

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