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Agreena Scales Carbon Farming Platform Across 2M Hectares

Agtech company Agreena has announced a milestone, expanding its soil carbon platform across two million hectares in 17 European countries.

Key Takeaways

  1. Extensive Coverage: Agreena’s soil carbon platform now encompasses two million hectares across 17 European countries, equivalent to the size of Slovenia.
  2. Farmer Participation: Over 1,000 farmers have joined AgreenaCarbon, transitioning to regenerative agriculture to combat climate change.
  3. Technology Integration: Advanced remote sensing and machine learning technologies bolster Agreena’s soil carbon removal capabilities.
  4. Carbon Credit System: The company converts climate-friendly farming into high-quality carbon removal credits, offering farmers additional revenue.
  5. Verification and Integrity: Independent third-party validation ensures the credibility of carbon credits generated by Agreena.

Copenhagen-based Agtech company Agreena has announced a significant milestone, expanding its soil carbon platform, AgreenaCarbon, across two million hectares in 17 European countries. This initiative financially supports farmers transitioning to regenerative agriculture, a critical method for carbon sequestration and climate change mitigation.

Impact and Scale

The magnitude of Agreena’s platform is substantial, covering an area equivalent to Slovenia. Over a thousand farmers have embraced AgreenaCarbon, signaling a significant shift in agricultural practices and a collective effort to address climate change.

Technology at the Forefront

Agreena has incorporated state-of-the-art measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) technology into its system. This includes remote sensing and artificial intelligence to enhance soil carbon intelligence. The combination of soil sampling, machine learning, and computer vision techniques enables Agreena to offer a scalable and impactful solution.

Carbon Sequestration and Financial Incentives

Julie Koch Fahler, co-founder and COO of Agreena emphasizes carbon sequestration’s role in agriculture as a crucial climate action strategy. Agreena’s model of converting sustainable farming practices into carbon removal credits provides a significant financial incentive for farmers to participate in this eco-friendly initiative.

Ensuring Integrity and Transparency

The company employs independent third-party validation and verification to maintain the carbon credits’ integrity and credibility. This process ensures that the emission reductions and carbon removals are accurately represented, enhancing the quality and trustworthiness of the credits in the voluntary carbon market.

Image provided by Agreena

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