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AgriFORCE Granted US Patent for FORCEGH+ Facilities

Agtech company AgriFORCE Granted US Patent for FORCEGH+ Facilities

AgriFORCE Growing Systems Ltd., a leading agtech company dedicated to advancing sustainable cultivation practices, has announced that it has been granted a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its “Structures for Growing Plants.” The patent is part of a group of applications the company has submitted for its FORCEGH+ facilities, designed for controlled environment agriculture.

The granted patent contains 19 claims that relate to the unique features and design of AgriFORCE’s structures for growing plants. These features include transmissive panels that maximize full light spectrum, enhanced insulation for maximizing energy efficiency, and innovative formation of structure support materials. These features allow AgriFORCE to grow optimized crops through Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) equivalent to pharma-grade standards, providing customers with the next generation of controlled-environment agriculture.

Ingo Mueller, the Chief Executive Officer of AgriFORCE, stated that the granted patent marks another milestone for the company and further strengthens its patent portfolio in key markets. Mueller also believes that the company’s unique designs and technologies, which are deployable in virtually any climate or geography, have the potential to set a new industry standard for higher quality and higher yield crops. The company anticipates additional patents to be granted related to its FORCEGH+ facilities.


FORCEGH+ (previously known as the AgriFORCE GrowHouse) is a proprietary grow facility design developed by AgriFORCE. The sustainable methodology and environment can be deployed in extreme macro climates and are designed to optimize crop yields to as near their full genetic potential as possible while eliminating the need for pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides. FORCEGH+ advantages include revolutionary facility designs that harness the power of the sun, advanced hydroponics providing precise and consistent high-yield crop growth cycles, and the ability to be deployed virtually anywhere.

AgriFORCE Growing Systems Ltd.’s latest patent grant marks a significant achievement for the company and strengthens its position in the agtech industry. The company’s commitment to advancing sustainable cultivation practices and providing customers with high-quality, high-yield crops through its FORCEGH+ facilities is a testament to its dedication to providing sustainable food and plant products. As the company continues to innovate and expand its patent portfolio, it will undoubtedly play an essential role in shaping the future of controlled-environment agriculture.

Image provided by AgriFORCE Growing Systems Ltd

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