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Agritech Company Solasta Bio Nabs £4M For Green Insecticides

The Glasgow-based agritech business Solasta Bio (website) has secured £4M in pre-Series A investment focusing on developing green pesticides and with participation from Scottish Enterprise, Rubio Impact Ventures, Cavallo Ventures, SIS Ventures, and UKI2S, Yield Lab Europe led the fundraising round, which saw a total of £5.5M raised. The business intends to utilize the money to expand its operations in the US and the UK, grow its technical and commercial teams, add 25 new employees, quicken the creation of its technological platform, and go after new markets.

Instead of choosing from a library of synthetic chemicals, the technological platform of Solasta Bio develops neuropeptide-based insect control solutions that are nature-inspired. These products are intended to combat insect pests while protecting vital pollinators like bees in a sustainable and ecologically responsible way. Any bug of interest may mobilize the platform. The agritech company Solasta Bio, led by CEO Shireen Davies, seeks to transform the agriculture sector by offering a safer and more environmentally friendly substitute for conventional pesticides. In addition, the company wants to leverage the funding to grow its business and reach more people with its technologies.

“We’ve spent the last 18 months establishing our platform and verifying peptide candidates with knowledgeable outside parties and business partners,” said Shireen Davies, Ph.D., FRSE, CEO of SOLASTA Bio. “The outcomes have us quite fired up, and we believe we are prepared to proceed with commercializing our technology. There is an urgent need for sustainable, ecologically friendly alternatives to the present synthetic pesticides since the issue of food security and adequate crop protection is becoming a more pressing concern for the agriculture sector and governments globally. We are sure that our technology solves the problem and dramatically influences the world.”

The growing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly agriculture practices has created opportunities for agritech companies like Solasta Bio. With its innovative technology platform and funding, the company is well-positioned to become a leader in green insecticides.

Photo by Sue Thomas on Unsplash 

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