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AgroFresh Solutions Launches In Latin America

AgroFresh Solutions, Inc. has recently made a significant announcement that has created quite a buzz in the industry. The company has launched its SmartFresh ProTabs in Brazil and Mexico, significantly expanding its flagship SmartFresh Quality system portfolio in these two countries. The SmartFresh brand is widely recognized as the industry leader in ethylene management technology, and the launch of the ProTabs has further cemented its reputation.

SmartFresh ProTabs is a game-changer, as they offer a unique delayed-release mode that can be used for both do-it-yourself applications and service applications. Compared to earlier versions, ProTabs do not require generators or water to activate, making them a more user-friendly option for growers and packers. The product is approved for use in apples for storage room treatments and a wide range of tropical crops, including avocados and mangoes.

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The SmartFresh Quality System is currently used in more than 25,000 fruit storage rooms across the globe. In addition, AgroFresh has established seven innovation centers in vital fruit-growing regions on four continents. It has developed a comprehensive range of post-harvest freshness solutions, services, and digital solutions that address the needs of growers and packers worldwide.

According to Narciso Vivot, Commercial Director, Latin America, at AgroFresh, SmartFresh ProTabs offer a convenient and sustainable solution that helps to fight against food loss and waste while minimizing the environmental impact of farming. The launch of this new product presentation in the region is part of AgroFresh’s ongoing efforts to provide tailored freshness solutions that cater to different customer needs and operation sizes.

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