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Agrology Scores a Third NSF Grant

Agrology earns its third NSF grant, championing climate-smart farming with real-time monitoring and insights.
Key Takeaways:
  • NSF Phase IIB Funding: Agrology receives $500,000 to enhance its real-time soil carbon and nitrous oxide emission monitoring technology.
  • America’s Seed Fund: Backed by NSF, it offers non-dilutive funds annually to startups and small businesses, fostering commercial and societal advancements.
  • Agrology’s Journey: Founded in 2019 and won its first NSF SBIR Award the same year. The company now celebrates its third significant NSF grant.
  • Public Benefit Corporation: Agrology is deeply committed to farmer economics and global sustainability.
  • Real-time Climate Tech: Agrology provides predictive insights on wildfires, extreme weather, soil conditions, pest emergence, and carbon sequestration.

The field of climate technology for agriculture sees a renewed boost as Agrology, a leading climate tech startup, proudly announces its receipt of $500,000 in Phase IIB Funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF). The investment aims to amplify the development of the company’s pioneering soil carbon and nitrous oxide emission monitoring technology.

NSF grants require an incredibly rigorous process, and we are thrilled to pass this difficult milestone for a third time,” beamed Adam Koeppel, Co-Founder and CEO of Agrology. “With this support, our mission to help farmers measure and report on their climate-smart initiatives stands emboldened.”

A Snapshot of America’s Seed Fund

Powered by the NSF, America’s Seed Fund annually allocates $200 million to innovating startups and small businesses. This transformative initiative funnels scientific discoveries into impactful commercial products and services. Significantly, the fund provides these early-stage companies with non-dilutive funds for R&D while ensuring they retain equity, team control, and intellectual property.

Agrology’s Triumphant Journey

From humble beginnings in 2019 to now, Agrology’s expedition has been remarkable. Co-founders Adam Koeppel, Tyler Locke, and Kevin Kelly were no strangers to hard work and determination. Still, even they were taken aback when their first application to the NSF SBIR Award succeeded. This victory acted as the catalyst for Adam and Tyler to transition their focus wholly onto Agrology. 2020 brought another milestone with the reception of a second SBIR Award. Today, the company thrives as a Public Benefit Corporation, ardently safeguarding both the economic prospects of farmers and the planet’s sustainability.

Delving Into Agrology

Positioned as a trailblazing climate tech startup, Agrology is also recognized as a Public Benefit Corporation. It is ardently dedicated to equipping farmers with real-time data and predictive insights, thus helping them navigate and counteract the challenges of climate change. Agrology’s sophisticated platform delivers timely warnings and insights on a plethora of concerns ranging from wildfire risks to pest emergence. Moreover, its Carbon Monitoring System stands out by tracking soil carbon sequestration in real-time, offering rapid detection of carbon dioxide emission events.

A vast array of vineyards and specialty farms count themselves as Agrology’s clientele, and the company’s accolades include two coveted NSF SBIR Awards, a 2022 WINnovation Award, and the USDA Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities grant.

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