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Alveo Technologies and Corteva Agriscience Partner

Alveo Technologies and Corteva Agriscience team up to bring real-time molecular crop disease detection, pioneering agricultural innovation.
Key Takeaways:
  • Introduction of a New Agricultural Disease Diagnostic Tool: Alveo’s medical-grade platform will now be adapted for agricultural use, with Corteva crafting crop-specific assays for real-time field detection.
  • Diverse Applications Beyond Healthcare: The collaboration aims to extend Alveo’s ‘molecular lab’ from healthcare to address global food crises.
  • Promising Future with In-field Molecular Testing: Corteva sees significant potential in the rapid, real-time disease detection of crops.
  • Leveraging Alveo’s be.well™ Platform: The partnership will utilize the be.well™ Analyzer, Cartridge, and Mobile App for agricultural disease diagnostics.
  • An Emphasis on Open-source Collaboration: Both companies advocate for a collaborative open-source approach, highlighting their commitment to cross-sector innovation.

Alveo Technologies and Corteva Agriscience have unveiled their collaboration in a groundbreaking development. They aim to bring Alveo’s innovative molecular sensing and disease diagnostics technology into the agricultural sphere, marking an industry first.

Alveo’s state-of-the-art technology, traditionally harnessed in the medical realm, is set to make waves in agriculture. This swift, handheld, portable medical-grade tool will empower farmers with real-time disease and pathogen detection capabilities. By integrating sophisticated molecular assays with cloud-backed data analytics, Corteva envisions creating crop-tailored assays for immediate pathogen detection in the fields.

Shaun Holt, Alveo’s CEO, accentuated the transformative potential of their portable ‘molecular lab.’ While its capacity to confront significant global challenges like pandemics is established, the partnership with Corteva propels this technology to address potential food crises. The vision is clear: bring molecular testing to the forefront where it’s imperative, diversifying its use from mere healthcare to the vast agricultural domain.

Corteva Agriscience, with its relentless drive to deliver advanced solutions to farmers, is staking its belief in the future of in-field molecular testing platforms. This move is not just innovation; it’s a visionary step towards actualizing real-time disease detection in crops.

Central to this partnership is the comprehensive utilization of Alveo’s be.well™ platform:

  • Be.well™ Analyzer: A compact, rechargeable device.
  • Be.well™ Cartridge: Houses the vital reagents for the isothermal amplification reaction.
  • Be.well™ Mobile App: Facilitates test administration real-time cloud-connected result tracking and provides profound analytics concerning pathogen activity.

This strategic alliance epitomizes the shared values and philosophies of both Alveo and Corteva. Their collective commitment to an open-source methodology champions the spirit of collaboration, fostering innovation and holistic solutions to some of the most pressing global challenges.

In essence, this collaboration between Alveo Technologies and Corteva Agriscience is a testament to agricultural technology’s future. Adapting sophisticated diagnostic platforms to cater to agricultural imperatives could equip farmers with unprecedented tools, ensuring thriving crops and enhanced yields. This alliance, characterized by foresight and innovation, heralds a brighter, more sustainable agricultural horizon.

Image provided by Alveo Technologies 

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