Alveo Technologies Partners with Fraunhofer IZI to Extend Diagnostic Solutions to Livestock Testing
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Alveo Technologies Partners with Fraunhofer IZI to Extend Diagnostic Solutions to Livestock Testing

Alveo Technologies, Inc. (Alveo), an innovative leader in molecular diagnostics, announced a partnership with the Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology IZI, a leading applied research organization, to co-develop and commercialize point-of-need diagnostic solutions for the large animal veterinary sector. Alveo’s proprietary be.well™ technology platform now broadens its reach to include crop and livestock testing, aligning with its commitment to food security.

Alveo’s handheld, reusable platform leverages advanced molecular assays and cloud-enabled data analytics for accurate, real-time detection, analysis, and diagnosis of diseases, pathogens, and contaminants. It employs a globally patented loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) method for direct electrical sensing of nucleic acid amplification. It is an ideal portable molecular lab for crop and livestock testing.

“Alveo’s be.well™ platform is helping to tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges, including food security,” says CEO Shaun Holt. “Our new web portal and software suite opens the door to further partnerships across many new and underserved markets.”

The partnership with Fraunhofer IZI allows for the co-development of novel assays within the veterinary space. “We are impressed with the near-limitless possibilities of Alveo’s be.well™ platform and look forward to collaborating to expand their library of tests,” stated Dr. Dirk Kuhlmeier, Head of the Diagnostics Department, Fraunhofer Institute of Cell Therapy and Immunology IZI.

In addition to veterinary diagnostics, Alveo has been actively partnering with agricultural sector leaders to design crop- and animal-specific assays. This collaboration aims to identify and analyze a broader range of pathogens within the agricultural sphere in real-time, effectively boosting food safety and agriculture sustainability.

Alveo’s mission to deliver accurate, affordable molecular diagnostics at the point of need enables earlier detection of pathogens, transforming healthcare access, food security, and future pandemic prevention measures. Its partnership model, facilitated by a new web-based portal, is designed to bring together domain expertise and Alveo’s be.well™ technology, tailoring collaboration based on each partner’s capabilities and resources.

Photo by Nighthawk Shoots on Unsplash 

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