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AMVAC and NewLeaf Symbiotics Broaden Partnership

AMVAC and NewLeaf Symbiotics Broaden Partnership

Key Takeaways:

  • Strategic Expansion: AMVAC and NewLeaf Symbiotics extend their North American partnership to key international markets, including Argentina, Brazil, Ukraine, and China.
  • Innovative Biological Solutions: The collaboration aims to deliver advanced biological solutions globally, leveraging NewLeaf’s proprietary PPFM technology.
  • Enhanced Crop Yields: The partnership has shown benefits in increasing yields for soybean and corn, with a significant return on investment for growers.
  • Sustainable Alternatives: BioWake™, a dual-use biological seed treatment, offers a greener alternative to traditional seed lubricants, aligning with sustainable farming practices.
  • Commitment to Growth: Both companies express enthusiasm for the potential impact and future success of their expanded collaboration.

Global Expansion of a Successful Collaboration

American Vanguard Corporation, through its subsidiary AMVAC Chemical Corporation, is pleased to extend its North American partnership with NewLeaf Symbiotics® to international markets. This strategic move will bring innovative biological solutions to Argentina, Brazil, Ukraine, and China, building on the successful collaboration in late 2022.

Delivering Advanced Agricultural Solutions

The partnership focuses on advancing the BioWake™ brand internationally, a product that combines NewLeaf’s microbial inoculants with Low Mu Tech’s soybean-based seed lubricant. This combination offers a sustainable and efficient alternative to traditional talc- and graphite-based seed lubricants.

Impact on Crop Yields and ROI

The extended relationship aims to capitalize on the unique benefits for growers, particularly in enhancing yields for soybean and corn crops. The technology has already demonstrated a meaningful return on investment, a critical factor in its anticipated success in new markets.

Sustainable Practices in Focus

The BioWake™ product is part of AMVAC’s GreenSolutions™ biological portfolio, which is set to expand internationally. The product leverages NewLeaf’s microbial inoculants, contributing to more robust, resilient crops capable of withstanding abiotic stress throughout their life cycle.

Future Outlook

Both AMVAC and NewLeaf Symbiotics are optimistic about the future success of their partnership. With AMVAC’s market access and NewLeaf’s innovative technology, the collaboration is expected to have a significant impact on sustainable agriculture practices worldwide.

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