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Are Vertical Farming Companies Expanding?

Vertical farming companies expanding

Over the past weeks many indoor vertical farming companies have signed partnerships or made investments but for what purpose? Is it for research & development? Or expanding? Or distributing their product?

Companies across the indoor vertical farming supply chain have been in the news in recent weeks for their recent partnerships and/or investments. From the equipment suppliers to growers, many companies such as Urban Crop Solutions, Freight Farms, InFarm, 80 Acres Farms, and CubicFarm Systems Corp, among others have all announced new partnerships/ investments.

Today we take a look at the recent deals signed by indoor vertical farming companies throughout the world!

The Short Answer: Yes They Are

Regardless of if it was a funding round or a partnership, indoor vertical farming companies were expanding their operation or their presence. As we can see half (50%) of the companies partnered with companies with the purpose of distributing their products, both locally and internationally. This was the case with Freight Farm who partnered with Winvale, (government contracts consulting firm and authorized GSA reseller) ONO Exponential Farming partnering with indoor ag brokers Cultivatd for their Americas expansion, and Urban Crop Solutions partnering with Mayer Planting Systems among other examples.

Other companies involved in the indoor vertical farming industry and providing consumables such as plugs or nutrients have as well partnered with companies with the objective of expanding their product distribution throughout their country of operations (such as Re-Nuble who partnered with Cruz Foam).

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