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Plenty Unlimited News: Leadership Appointmen

Realty Income and agritech firm Plenty, Partner to Support Indoor Vertical Farms
Key Takeaways
  1. Significant Development in Indoor Agriculture: Plenty Unlimited Inc. is establishing the largest and most advanced indoor vertical farming research center in Laramie, Wyoming.
  2. Significant Economic Support: The project is backed by Wyoming’s most significant economic development grant, totaling $22.5 million, and contributions from the Laramie Chamber Business Alliance.
  3. Leadership and Expertise: Sasha Preuss, a veteran in agriculture science, joins as Vice President of Plant Science, bringing extensive experience from top agriculture companies.
  4. Innovative Agricultural Technologies: The center will focus on advancing Plenty’s unique technologies, including custom LED lights for increased yield and scaling up new crop research.
  5. Strategic Partnerships and Expansion: Collaboration with MOA Architecture and the University of Wyoming will drive the project’s success, emphasizing innovation and technological advancement in agriculture.

Plenty Unlimited Inc., a trailblazer in indoor agriculture, has recently announced significant progress in developing its new state-of-the-art Research and Development (R&D) facility. Poised to become the largest and most technologically advanced indoor vertical farming research center globally, this initiative marks a significant stride in agricultural innovation.

Wyoming’s biggest economic grant, along with support from the Laramie Chamber Business Alliance, totals $22.5 million. MOA Architecture was appointed as the architecture and engineering firm for the project due to their extensive experience and commitment to realizing the project’s goals.

Adding to the project’s strength is recruiting Sasha Preuss as the Vice President of Plant Science at Plenty. Preuss, with her rich background in biology and biotech, previously leading programs at Bayer and Monsanto, is set to spearhead Plenty’s team of over 75 scientists. She will focus on scaling the company’s R&D efforts, notably moving more crops from concept to production in Plenty’s farms. The Laramie Research Center is integral to expanding Plenty’s innovative approach to crop research. Having already experimented with over 50 different crops in its unique 3-D vertical growing system, the new facility promises to enhance Plenty’s crop variety and technology, notably its custom LED lighting systems, which are vital for yield improvement.

Dr. Nate Storey, Plenty’s co-founder and Chief Science Officer, emphasizes the company’s dedication to R&D and novel plant-growing methods, which have always set it apart. The new center will enable Plenty to escalate its innovations, vital in an increasingly unstable climate.

Plenty Latest News

Plenty Doubles California Retail Presence with Zero-Pesticide Leafy Greens in Whole Foods and Gelson’s Markets (2023/08/25)

Plenty Unlimited Inc. has expanded retail availability in California, doubling its presence in the state. Its zero-pesticide leafy greens are now available at over 180 locations, including Whole Foods Market and Gelson’s Markets. The opening of Plenty’s first commercial-scale farm in Compton has enabled the company to scale up its production, aiming to grow up to 4.5 million pounds of leafy greens annually. The company’s innovative approach to farming allows for pesticide-free, bleach-free greens that require no washing before consumption. More expansion is planned, with a new farm set to open in Richmond, Virginia, in 2024.

Plenty and Driscoll’s Break Ground on Virginia Vertical Farm (2023/07/31)

Indoor vertical farming company, Plenty, and well-known berry brand, Driscoll’s, marked a construction milestone in Richmond, VA, for a new indoor vertical farm dedicated to strawberry production. The new farm will serve the Northeastern United States and is set to provide fresh produce to East Coast communities starting next year. The campus features Plenty’s vertical growing platform utilizing data analytics, machine learning, and customized lighting, which is claimed to achieve yields 150-350 times greater per acre than traditional field farming while conserving natural resources. The partnership aims to offer a consistent, high-quality product to a significant berry consumption region in the US.

Vertical Farm in Compton: Plenty Unveils Its Latest Facility (2023/05/19)

Plenty announced the opening of its new Plenty Compton Farm, a sophisticated indoor vertical farm in Compton, California. The farm is designed to produce 4.5 million pounds of leafy greens per year within a single city block, making it 350 times more efficient than a traditional farm per acre. The farm employs Plenty’s patented 3D vertical architecture, which maximizes space usage and automates all stages of the farming process. The farm will cultivate four varieties of leafy greens: Baby Arugula, Baby Kale, Crispy Lettuce, and Curly Baby Spinach. The spinach, in particular, is one of the few vertically grown, pesticide-free spinach varieties available worldwide. Plenty’s freshly harvested leafy greens will be distributed through several channels, including local grocers in Compton, Bristol Farms, Northern California Whole Foods Market stores, and Southern California Walmart stores.

Realty Income and Plenty Partner Providing Up To $1Bn For Development Opportunities (2023/02/22)

Realty Income Corp has partnered with Plenty Unlimited Inc. to support the development of Plenty’s indoor vertical farms. This strategic alliance will see Realty Income acquire and provide funding for properties to house Plenty’s indoor farms, with up to $1 billion of development opportunities available. The partnership represents an advancement in how indoor farming assets get capitalized and paves the way for their development as an asset class. With Plenty’s innovative technology platform and Realty Income’s real estate expertise, the two companies are positioned to revolutionize the future of sustainable agriculture.

Plenty Unlimited Inc. to Build the World’s Largest Vertical Farming Research Center in Wyoming (2023/02/03)

Plenty Unlimited Inc. will build the world’s largest vertical farming research center in Laramie, Wyoming, with $20 million in funding from the State, City, and Laramie Chamber Business Alliance. The 60,000-square-foot center will double Plenty’s current research space and enhance its capacity to revolutionize indoor agriculture. The center is expected to bring 125 new jobs and work closely with universities, startups, and vendors to advance Wyoming’s indoor farming research ecosystem. The project will move into the design phase and begin construction later in 2023, opening in early 2025.

Plenty Partners with Bristol Farms in SoCal Expansion (2022/09/23)

Plenty Unlimited Inc. is partnering with Bristol Farms to bring its pesticide-free leafy greens to Southern California, exclusively at Bristol Farms for the remainder of the year. This marks the first time Bristol Farms has carried indoor, vertically-grown produce. Bristol Farms will offer Plenty’s Baby Arugula, Baby Kale, Crispy Lettuce and Mizuna Mix at all its locations throughout Los Angeles County, Orange County, and Santa Barbara County. Plenty is the world’s most technologically advanced indoor farm and grows produce year-round using its proprietary technology.

Plenty To Build a USD 300 Million Campus in Virginia With Driscolls (2022/09/15)

Plenty Unlimited Inc. has secured 120 acres of land in Virginia to build the largest indoor vertical farm campus in the world. The campus will have farms growing crops such as strawberries, leafy greens, and tomatoes. The first farm will grow indoor, vertically farmed Driscoll’s strawberries, which will be available in winter 2023-2024 in the Northeast. The investment is estimated to be around $300 million and is expected to bring over 300 jobs to Virginia.

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