Artechno Growsystems Relocates to Maasdijk

Artechno growsystems relocates agtech

Artechno Growsystems’ (website) relocation to Maasdijk marks an exciting new chapter for the company as it prepares to enter its next growth phase. With the move, the company gains access to a larger facility better equipped to handle future expansion. The new building will also help the company to optimize its services to clients, with an enormous production hall and additional office space. Furthermore, by retaining its current location in De Lier, Artechno Group can continue to serve its clients with innovative cultivation and research practices.

After months of careful preparation, Artechno Growsystems has finally moved to its new location in Maasdijk. The move was driven by the company’s rapid growth, necessitating a larger facility to accommodate its expanding needs. With the move, Artechno Growsystems gains access to more space and better resources, including an enormous production hall and additional office space. In addition, the new facility is also better equipped to provide optimal client services, which is one of the company’s primary goals.

With the opening of its new facility in Maasdijk, Artechno Growsystems is poised for continued success and growth. The larger building will provide the company with the space and resources it needs to continue to innovate and expand its offerings to clients. Additionally, by retaining its current location in De Lier, the company can continue supporting its research and cultivation efforts while providing additional services to its clients. The grand opening of the new facility on June 17, 2023, will be an exciting opportunity for clients and partners to see firsthand the company’s commitment to growth and innovation.

Artechno Growsystems’ new address in Maasdijk is Bandijkweg 2, 2676 LJ, The Netherlands. The new location is easily accessible and provides the company with ample space for expansion and growth. The company’s existing location in De Lier will continue to serve as a hub for research and cultivation while providing additional client services. The move to Maasdijk represents an exciting new chapter for Artechno Growsystems. The company is committed to using its new resources and facilities to continue to innovate and grow in the years to come.

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