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Astanor Ventures Closes Second Venture Fund at €360 Million

Key Takeaways

  • Astanor Ventures successfully closed its second venture fund at €360 million, bringing its total assets under management to around €800 million.
  • The fund aims to invest in early-stage, mission-driven companies focusing on sustainable and resilient agrifood and bioeconomy systems.
  • Astanor’s investment strategy aligns with its core values of climate transition, nature positivity, resource efficiency, and social and health betterment.
  • The firm has already invested in over 45 promising companies worldwide, emphasizing solutions that foster regenerative agriculture.
  • Astanor Ventures reaffirms its commitment to catalyzing systemic change within the agrifood sector, aiming to tackle climate change, biodiversity loss, and human health issues.

Astanor Ventures, a global leader in agrifood tech impact investing, has closed its second venture fund at €360 million. This milestone solidifies Astanor’s position as a forward-thinking player in the investment landscape, particularly in the agrifood tech and bioeconomy sectors.

Investment Strategy and Focus

Astanor remains committed to its core investment strategy of supporting early-stage and mission-driven companies that aim to resolve social or environmental issues with nature-positive solutions. The firm takes a holistic view of the complex and interdependent agrifood value chain, aiming to achieve systemic change. Astanor has developed an extensive network of entrepreneurs, experts, scientists, leaders, and policymakers, allowing it to identify innovative technologies that will drive the bioeconomy, particularly those fostering regenerative agriculture.

Resilience in a Turbulent Economy

Despite fluctuating market trends, Astanor has demonstrated resilience and success in scaling its firm. The continuous engagement of large family offices and institutional ‘repeat’ investors testifies to Astanor’s ability to seize opportune moments for investors, maximizing returns while contributing to material impact creation.

Leadership Insights

Eric Archambeau, co-founder and partner of Astanor, emphasized that the firm will continue to look for disruptive and scalable business models driven by ambitious entrepreneurs who share Astanor’s vision. Hendrik Van Asbroeck and Christina Ulardic, Partners at Astanor Ventures, reiterated the firm’s dedication to a pivotal role in transforming the agrifood market. Leslie Kapin, Director of Impact at Astanor Ventures, highlighted the firm’s unwavering dedication to catalyzing systemic change within the industry.

Photo by Red Zeppelin on Unsplash 

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