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Babylon Micro-Farms Unveils New Unparalleled Product

Babylon Micro-Farms

Babylon Micro-Farms, Inc., the leading manufacturer of automated indoor vertical farms, today announced the launch of its all-new Micro-Farm, the Galleri.

Babylon Micro-Farms builds its farms in-house at its facility in the Scott’s Addition neighborhood of Richmond, VA. They’ve developed patented technology to power indoor farms and farming services. Their services enable businesses and communities to have a year-round supply of ultra-fresh produce at the touch of a button. They’ve recorded a significant impact on our customer base, which includes global leaders like Aramark, Compass, and Sodexo, along with many schools, hospitals, and senior care facilities.

The Galleri Micro-Farm features an innovative easy-to-clean tray, a water temperature control system, a full-glass enclosure, and an improved sensor array. Together with the BabylonIQ automated growing system and companion mobile app, it is now easier than ever for customers to experience the art of growing food on-site sustainably.

“I’m excited to see our vision of making farming so simple, that it’s within anyone’s reach, come true,” says Alexander OlesenCEO & Co-Founder. “Whether you are a chef looking for year-round greens, a college student looking for healthy options, or a senior-living operator desiring engaging clean produce options, our users love the elegance and ease-of-use only a Babylon Micro-Farm can provide.”

The Galleri is a sophisticated solution to on-site farming.

The Galleri farm delivers powerful tools at the customer’s fingertips via the BabylonIQ system. The system automates the entire process of growing produce through a series of sensors, lights, air channels, nutrients, cameras, and irrigation to provide year-round harvesting opportunities to clients anywhere. The Galleri Micro-farm adds new algae mitigation and temperature controls to the existing array of technologies designed to monitor the health and vitality of the plants.

Customer satisfaction is key to the success of Babylon. According to Babylon, clients want an elegant public-facing farm that requires minimal cleaning time. Customers also want the most sustainable options available.  The new Farm’s anti-spill removable GrowServetm trays make it simple to harvest comfortably at a table and clean in a dishwasher.  Their ingenious trays combine compostable grow mediums and clever material use resulting in a 55% reduction in plastics, 33% reduction in harvest and clean times, and 100% compostable harvest scraps.

Thinking Inside the Box

Customer support is the secret to Babylon’s success. Every customer has access to automated remote management, a digital support library, and real people for a full-service solution that is proactive instead of reactive. The app alerts them, along with step-by-step instructions and videos, when to plant, transplant, clean, and harvest.  As part of the subscription service, each customer gets the BabylonBoxtm  which includes seeds, nutrients, app access, and other supplies sent right before their next planting cycle.


Early reception has been phenomenal. Over 80 farms have been installed to date with hundreds more slated to be installed in the coming months across the US. Aramark, LinkedIn, Compass and Sodexo are some of Babylon’s  food-service industry partners.

“We love our Babylon Micro-Farm, our students love the knowledge that their food was grown just a few feet away,”  said Julia Danisewicz, RD Aramark/VCU. “As a dietician, it is exciting to see a university like VCU value sustainable, pesticide-free food choices for its students. I didn’t have a green thumb before working with the farm, but it is so easy to use that now I feel like a pro.”


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