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Benson Hill and BioMar’s Ink Collaboration for Aquafeed

Food Tech company Benson Hill and BioMar's Ink Collaboration for Aquafeed

Food tech company Benson Hill and Dannish-based BioMar, an international leader in sustainable aquaculture feed solutions, have revealed a strategic alliance to leverage Benson Hill soy and further evaluate its sustainability influence on high-performance aquafeed formulations. The partnership aims to demonstrate that lowering carbon emissions in the protein sector and, at the same time, can reach meeting market demands traceability.

“BioMar has done a duty to ameliorate the influences of our feeds, and 97% of the footprint comes from the feed,” stated Morten Holdorff Møjbæk, Global Sourcing Director, BioMar Group. “Following the departure from the Russian raw material market, it was crucial for us to locate suppliers dedicated to operating with us to secure we deliver on our responsible sourcing endeavors. The food tech’s closed-loop business model, robust U.S. farmer network, and capacity to trace back to seed make them an ideal collaborator.”

Benson Hill advances sustainability objectives throughout the ingredient development process.

  • From monitoring regenerative and deforestation
  • Free practices on the farm to produce ingredients that reduce water and energy
  • Intensive protein-focusing phases in processing.

Together, the parties are considering how the advantages of Benson Hill ingredients advance BioMar’s sustainability program and lessen the effect of aquaculture farming for BioMar clients.

According to the FAIRR Initiative, aquafeed production is “associated with the extraction of vast amounts of wild fish, which can usher to overexploitation of stocks.” Nevertheless, study shows raw materials, ethically emanated from high-protein soy, can begin to ease this issue. Separately, Benson Hill lately gained the ProTerra Certification, validating the ESG tenets guiding its work to provide non-GMO ingredients to markets within and outside the United States.

BioMar is being furnished with innovative Benson Hill components by Denofa, an experienced leader in non-GMO soy supply chains manipulating sales and distribution of its aquafeed portfolio in Northern Europe. In April 2022, Benson Hill and Denofa revealed a plan to create a strategic alliance to introduce sustainable soy protein ingredients into the Northern European aquaculture feed market.

Image provided by Benson Hill 

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