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Bison Ventures Launches $135M Fund to Propel Frontier Tech Solutions

Bison Ventures Launches $135M Fund to Propel Frontier Tech Solutions

Key Takeaways:

  • New Venture Fund: Bison Ventures announces a $135M fund to invest in early-stage companies tackling global challenges with frontier technology.
  • Interdisciplinary Focus: The firm targets opportunities at the intersection of multiple technical disciplines, often overlooked by mainstream venture capital.
  • Diverse Leadership: Over 80% of the CEOs backed by Bison are from traditionally underrepresented groups, with half being women.
  • Broad Investment Spectrum: Investments span various sectors, including climate tech, precision agriculture, and computational drug discovery.
  • Commitment to Bold Innovation: Bison supports companies with the potential for massive scale and significant technological advancements.

Bison Ventures, a venture capital firm specializing in early-stage frontier technology companies, has announced the closure of its debut $135M fund. Founded by Tom Biegala and Ben Hemani, the firm is committed to investing in innovative solutions that address critical global issues such as climate change, disease treatment, and the growing demand for computing power.

Investing in Deep Tech

Bison’s investment strategy focuses on science-based, deep-tech companies with commercial potential, aiming to bridge the persistent funding gap in this sector. The firm’s portfolio already includes six investments across diverse fields, demonstrating its commitment to transformative technology.

Emphasizing Diverse Leadership

A notable aspect of Bison’s investment approach is the emphasis on diversity. The firm proudly states that over 80% of the CEOs they have backed belong to groups traditionally underrepresented in venture-backed companies, including half who are women.

Founders’ Vision for Frontier Technology

The founders of Bison Ventures, both with backgrounds in engineering and experience in managing assets for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, believe in the power of interdisciplinary innovation. They are dedicated to supporting companies that present bold, technical solutions early in their lifecycle despite technical risk.

The Future of Industry and Innovation

Bison Ventures is not interested in incremental advancements; instead, they seeks to back companies that promise exponential, step-change innovations. The firm is excited to partner with teams building the next generation of industry in a world that increasingly demands such innovation.

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