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BLOOM FRESH International: A Fresh Produce Revolution

BLOOM FRESH is revolutionizing produce sustainably in a collaboration between AMFRESH, EQT Future, and Paine Schwartz.

The AMFRESH Group, in partnership with EQT Future and Paine Schwartz Partners, has announced the successful acquisition of IFG (International Fruit Genetics), a global expert in table grape and cherry breeding. This landmark acquisition has led to the merger of IFG into AMFRESH’s SNFL Group, giving rise to an extraordinary global breeding entity known as BLOOM FRESH International. This new endeavor will revolutionize the landscape of fresh, healthy, and sustainable foods, ushering in a new era of innovation and excellence.

The creation of BLOOM FRESH International represents a historic milestone in the world of agriculture. By combining the strengths and legacies of AMFRESH Group, EQT Future, Paine Schwartz Partners, SNFL Group, and IFG, BLOOM FRESH International emerges as a consolidated breeding powerhouse. This union goes beyond competition, heralding a new era of collaboration and innovation in the agricultural sector.

Alvaro Muñoz, the Chief Executive Officer of AMFRESH Group, describes the significance of this momentous occasion: “Our journey transforms competition into collaboration, uniting our stakeholders. Our goal remains steadfast: to serve our growers, retailers, and consumers with excellence, backed by an unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability.” This newly formed entity will accelerate traditional fruit varietal breeding, resulting in advancements in taste, nutrition, sustainability, and global accessibility.

BLOOM FRESH International stands as a testament to the power of breeding excellence. By focusing on the cultivation of superior fruit varieties that cater to health-conscious consumers while minimizing the impact on the planet, BLOOM is leading the charge toward a brighter future. The company’s approach extends beyond taste and flavor; it’s about optimizing consumer health and preserving the Earth’s resources. BLOOM’s commitment to sustainability translates into water conservation, reduced reliance on phytosanitary products, and efficient land use.

Kenneth Avery, the Chief Executive Officer of BLOOM, expresses his excitement about the journey ahead: “The future is ripe with opportunity, and I am genuinely excited about the transformative impact we will have on the industry. Together, we will drive innovation as we cultivate a new era of flavors, nutritional benefits, and sustainable practices that resonate far beyond the farm.”

EQT Future’s strategic investment in BLOOM reflects its dedication to fostering industries that drive positive change. By aligning with BLOOM’s mission to enhance agricultural productivity while embracing sustainable practices, EQT Future is contributing to a more resource-conscious and sustainable future. This partnership has the potential to reshape the fruit industry for the better.

BLOOM FRESH International isn’t just a game-changer for the industry; it’s a boon for growers on a global scale. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, sustainable practices, and advanced farming techniques, BLOOM empowers growers with resource-efficient, high-yield cultivars. This not only enhances grower economics but also paves the way for a greener, more prosperous future. BLOOM’s commitment to innovation and expertise will shape a brighter tomorrow for growers worldwide.

With a global footprint spanning 22 countries, BLOOM FRESH International is poised to drive global breeding innovation. The culmination of this transformation will be showcased at Fruit Attraction in Madrid, Spain, where BLOOM will unveil its revolutionary contributions to the world of fresh produce. This event promises to showcase the synergy of genetic prowess and agri-tech mastery that defines BLOOM’s approach.

AMFRESH Group remains the controlling shareholder of BLOOM FRESH International, with significant minority investments from EQT Future and continued support from Paine Schwartz Partners. The advisory teams from Morrison Foerster, Allen & Overy, Pérez Llorca, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and Dentons UK underline the caliber and dedication of partners involved in this monumental endeavor.

BLOOM FRESH International’s emergence as a global breeding powerhouse is poised to reshape the world of fresh produce. By combining innovation, expertise, and sustainability, BLOOM is paving the way for a future where consumers can enjoy healthier, more flavorful options while the planet’s resources are conserved. This transformation represents not only a significant business venture but also a step toward a brighter, more sustainable future for the agriculture industry and the global community.

Photo by Marius Ciocirlan on Unsplash

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