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Blue Radix Introduces Strategy Optimizer to Enhance Autonomous Growing

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Key Takeaways

  1. Blue Radix adds a new component, Strategy Optimizer, to its Crop Controller for Autonomous Growing.
  2. The Strategy Optimizer aims to align AI-driven climate control with the grower’s goals and targets.
  3. The module includes features for planning, monitoring, and short-term outlook of the crop cycle.
  4. Strategy Optimizer allows growers to reuse best practices, avoid mistakes, and make structured decisions.
  5. The integration extends the value of Autonomous Growing by providing a comprehensive approach to crop management.

Blue Radix, a leading name in the field of Autonomous Growing, has announced the integration of a new component called Strategy Optimizer in its Crop Controller. The addition aims to help growers focus on crop cycle strategy and the cultivation process, ensuring that AI-driven climate control aligns more closely with the grower’s goals and targets.

Features for Crop Strategy Improvement

The Strategy Optimizer module has multiple features designed to work seamlessly together to provide growers with the best strategy for crop management and autonomous execution. These features are:

  1. Planning: A climate and crop plan is easily generated for every new crop based on available data. The module predicts parameters like plant load and required energy, allowing growers to fine-tune their planning.
  2. Register & Monitor: During the crop cycle, Strategy Optimizer displays the main climate averages, enabling growers to track the outcomes of the Crop Controller daily and weekly.
  3. Short-term Outlook: The module combines crop registrations and climate realizations over the past weeks with the planning for the upcoming weeks to provide a short-term outlook. This includes updates for both the energy balance and the yield forecast.

Extending the Value of Autonomous Growing

The integration of Strategy Optimizer in Crop Controller significantly extends the value of Autonomous Growing in several ways:

  • Re-use Best Practices: Growers can use templates from previous successful crop cycles and compare them with crops from other owned locations, enabling them to re-use proven successful decisions.
  • Avoid Mistakes: Small errors can have a significant impact on crop yield. Strategy Optimizer integrates day-to-day control with crop cycle planning, allowing growers to zoom in on daily performance and zoom out to compare week-on-week performance.
  • Structured Decisions: With a balanced strategy, growers can make informed decisions during cultivation, aligning the expected yield and required labor for the upcoming weeks.

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