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Blue Radix Secures Investment for AI-Driven Greenhouse Expansion

Blue Radix Secures Investment for AI-Driven Greenhouse Expansion

Blue Radix (website), a frontrunner in Autonomous Growing, has announced the beginning of a new chapter in its journey. Since its establishment in 2019, Blue Radix has worked diligently with growers worldwide to harness the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in greenhouse technology. With financial backing from Navus Ventures and Investment Cooperative Horticoop, Blue Radix is poised to augment its product offerings and extend its global reach.

In 2021, Blue Radix unveiled Crop Controller, a product designed to fulfill the unique crop strategies of growers without human intervention. This innovative tool has been implemented in various greenhouses across 13 countries under multiple climatic conditions, demonstrating its versatility and adaptability.

Ronald Hoek, CEO and co-founder of Blue Radix expressed gratitude to their partners, saying, “Growers see significant improvements in yield and quality while they can manage many more hectares and reduce costs. It’s such a compliment to hear growers say that they fully rely on our system, 24/7, freeing their hands to manage more hectares and improve other aspects of their daily operations.”

As per the company, the Crop Controller system is ready to be scaled up and accessible to any greenhouse equipped with a climate computer and internet connection. Blue Radix’s mission is to enable growers to leverage their greenhouse data to enhance their outcomes through the practical use of AI.

In addition to improving efficiency, Crop Controller respects user privacy by allowing growers to utilize their expertise without sharing data, noted Laurens van der Spek, COO and co-founder of Blue Radix.

These new investments are expected to fuel product development, commented Rudolf de Vetten, CPO and co-founder of Blue Radix. However, he emphasized the importance of an open ecosystem for growers to choose what suits them best.

On behalf of 400 greenhouse companies, Horticoop actively invests in enterprises that add value to the horticultural sector. Steven van Nieuwenhuijzen, CEO of Horticoop, stated that Blue Radix’s leadership in applying AI in horticulture aligns with Horticoop’s vision of fostering a sustainable and productive future for the sector.

Navus Ventures‘ Director, Eduard Meijer, also expressed excitement about this collaboration, highlighting Blue Radix’s alignment with their sustainable food and energy investment portfolio. He emphasized that Blue Radix’s decade-long history in AI-driven energy management and proven crop management competence will contribute significantly to sustainable food production and energy management.

Blue Radix’s approach to operational intelligence and energy efficiency in greenhouse technology sets it apart from other data platforms, and this new investment phase promises to advance the broader horticulture industry.

Image provided by Blue Radix

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