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Bosman Van Zaal and Clock House Farm Announce Collaboration

Bosman Van Zaal and Clock House Farm Announce Collaboration. Indoor farming; Vertical Farming; Controlled Environment Agriculture; Greenhouse

Bosman Van Zaal has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Clock House Farm in a significant step towards sustainable farming. The collaboration is transforming raspberry cultivation by merging the expertise of both entities.

With a 120-year legacy in farming, Clock House Farm has showcased its commitment to innovation by embracing Bosman Van Zaal’s multi-span film-covered greenhouses since 2022. This modern approach to farming is evidence of the farm’s dedication to cutting-edge and eco-friendly techniques.

Oli Pascall, the managing director of Clock House Farm, stated, “Our decision to grow our fruit in high-tech poly greenhouses rather than standard tunnels has propelled our commitment to sustainability.” The innovative technique involves using heat extracted from the River Medway, maintaining an impressive constant temperature of up to 50 degrees in the greenhouses. This ingenious use of renewable energy guarantees the optimal growth of the farm’s primary variety, Driscoll’s Maravilla, from April to November, raising the bar for industry standards.

Bosman Van Zaal’s state-of-the-art film-covered greenhouses have become central to the farm’s move towards renewable energy practices. This novel approach, which utilizes river heat, prolongs the British berry growing season, enhancing the farm’s yield and environmental commitment.

This collaboration underscores Clock House Farm’s role as an industry trailblazer. The farm’s drive to incorporate the latest technologies and eco-friendly solutions has made it an exemplary partner for the dutch company.

On the other hand, Bosman Van Zaal, known for its mission to bolster growers across the globe, is honored to play a role in Clock House Farm’s ongoing success story. Their combined efforts facilitate the production of premium British raspberries available for an extended season. The result is high-quality produce available to the UK’s top retailers, grown sustainably and efficiently.

This partnership between Bosman Van Zaal and Clock House Farm exemplifies a move towards a sustainable future in horticulture. Their shared vision ensures consumers receive exceptional raspberries without compromising ethical and responsible farming practices. The alliance promises a brighter, more eco-conscious future for the horticulture industry.

Image provided by Bosman Van Zaal

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