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Bosman Van Zaal Latest News: Collaborates With Bruynzeel

Bosman Van Zaal Latest News: Collaborates With Bruynzeel. Indoor Farming; Vertical Farming; AgriBusiness; AgriBusiness Partnerships; Agritech; AgTech; Agriculture

Key Takeaways

  • Innovative Collaboration: Bosman Van Zaal and Bruynzeel collaborate to launch OptiRack Grow™, a vertical farm system.
  • Comprehensive Solution: Integrates climate, irrigation, and LED installations, embodying the expertise of both companies.
  • Advanced Air Distribution: Features a unique, flexible air distribution system for optimal microclimates.
  • Sustainable and Efficient: Aims at sustainable cultivation with enhanced efficiency in horticulture.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for various crops, including leafy greens, saffron, and medicinal cannabis.

Where Storage Specialists and Cultivation Experts Converge

Bosman Van Zaal and Bruynzeel have joined hands to present the OptiRack Grow™, a pioneering vertical farm system in a significant step forward for the horticulture industry. This collaboration merges the profound knowledge of Bosman in horticultural installations with Bruynzeel’s expertise in space-saving storage solutions. The result is a groundbreaking system set to redefine the standards of vertical farming.

The OptiRack Grow™: A Complete Vertical Farm Solution

The OptiRack Grow™ is a plug-and-play solution, embodying a synergy of crucial components for vertical farming. Bosman Van Zaal’s HVAC, irrigation, and automated systems expertise combines with Bruynzeel’s space optimization strategies. The system’s design is centered on durability, utilizing materials with high corrosion resistance. It combines essential elements like heating, lighting, and humidity control into a space-efficient layout.

Innovative Air Distribution System as the Distinctive Element

The standout feature of the OptiRack Grow™ is its innovative air distribution system. Developed by them, this system offers unparalleled flexibility in air regulation, supporting optimal growth conditions for different growth phases. As emphasized by R&D engineer Carlo Castelijn, this tailored air distribution fosters ideal growth conditions and minimizes fungal diseases.

Bosman Van Zaal Latest News

Solar Thermal Energy in Horticulture (2023/11/21)

The company has introduced a solar thermal energy system that will revolutionize greenhouse heating in regions like Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Kenya, and Ethiopia. This system improves crop yield and quality while mitigating conditions conducive to mold diseases. The solar thermal energy system designed by Bosman Van Zaal is proven to be a success in diverse climatic conditions and reflects a significant stride in sustainable cultivation.

Bosman Van Zaal Sets New Energy Efficiency Standard in Horticulture with Innovative Flue Gas Condenser (2023/11/14)

The company has introduced a groundbreaking heat pump integration that utilizes heat in flue gases to increase energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact. This technology offers several advantages, including higher efficiency, lower CO2 emissions, enhanced crop quality, and rapid ROI. Its potential to achieve a 100% return on the higher heating value of gas represents a significant leap in energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness for the horticultural industry.

Mopabloem and Bosman Van Zaal Collaborate on Electric Boilers to Optimize Energy Costs and Sustainability in Greenhouse (2023/10/31)

Mopabloem, a greenhouse horticulture company, partnered with Bosman Van Zaal to install two electric boilers, which optimizes energy costs and promotes sustainability. These boilers offer remarkable energy efficiency, comply with safety standards and anticipate future regulations. The project commenced in December 2022 and became operational by July 2023. The electric boilers have a lifespan of 30 years, require minimal maintenance and are integrated seamlessly into the greenhouse heating system. The collaboration with Bosman Van Zaal was invaluable for Mopabloem, as they worked with a partner who knows their business structure inside and out.

Path for Professional Cannabis Growing (2023/10/10)

The cannabis industry is growing, but with growth comes challenges. Bosman Van Zaal’s whitepaper covers the global cannabis market, cultivation methods, legal landscape, and pioneering products, all backed by empirical data. The paper also showcases Bosman Van Zaal’s success in global reference projects.

Bosman Van Zaal and Clock House Farm Announce Collaboration (2023/08/17)

Clock House Farm and Bosman Van Zaal have partnered to revolutionize raspberry cultivation with eco-friendly techniques. By using multi-span film-covered greenhouses, Clock House Farm has extended its growing season and boosted sustainability. Bosman Van Zaal’s innovative greenhouses have become central to the farm’s renewable energy practices. Together, they are producing premium British raspberries for top UK retailers with a shared commitment to responsible farming.

Roadmap for Food Grade Vertical Farming (2023/07/07)

Bosman Van Zaal specializes in developing food-grade solutions for the agricultural and horticultural sectors. The whitepaper explores the growing demand for hygienically designed food production and outlines a 7-step plan to achieve food-grade farming. Vertical farming is highlighted as a key solution, providing controlled environments and state-of-the-art automation for consistent and nutritious produce.

Read the white paper here.

Innovative Dehumidification Plan for Optimal Growth and Savings (2023/05/08)

An innovative dehumidification plan has been developed for indoor farmers. It comprises four steps that cost-effectively improve humidity levels through an HVAC system. The steps involve addressing water nuisance forms, introducing air movement methods, using ventilation, and using a mechanical dehumidification system. Proper dehumidification offers six advantages for indoor farmers. The company offers comprehensive solutions for dehumidification in indoor farming, including a whitepaper on Dehumidification for Indoor Farming.

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