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Bowery Farming Expands Product Offerings

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Bowery announces the launch of salad kits, expanding product offerings into the ready-to-eat category. With the introduction of three salad kit flavours featuring fork-able greens, bold flavour, and crunchy toppings from pepitas to parm crisps, Bowery is elevating the grab-and-go salad experience.

Bowery continues to demonstrate product category leadership in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) with the introduction of ready-to-eat salad kits, the fastest growing category in packaged salad with $2.0B in annual sales. Accelerating the expansion of the company’s SKU offerings beyond leafy greens, herbs, and two types of strawberries, Bowery’s salad kits feature vertically grown greens with zero pesticides and no need to wash. These salad kits provide a healthy, convenient option for a quick meal on-the-go, traveling fewer food miles and retaining more nutritional value due to reduced time from harvest to shelf.

“At Bowery, our mission is to grow food smarter, for more people, in more places. The launch of salad kits will help us meet booming consumer demand in the ready-to-eat category,” said Katie Seawell, Chief Commercial Officer, Bowery. “Our consumers are looking for more options that align with their core values, and Bowery’s salad kits provide an on-the-go, plant-forward option that they can feel good about eating.”

Bowery salad kits will launch in three varieties: Zesty Caesar with roasted chickpeas and crunchy parm crisps; Avocado Ranch, with pepitas and tortilla strips; and Balsamic Vinaigrette, with pita chips, dried cranberries and roasted cashews. All kits, ranging from 310 to 360 calories, feature a base of Crispy Leaf, Bowery’s new-and-improved, crunchy, modern spin on iceberg lettuce. Featuring fresh, crisp greens as the star ingredient, these kits will be available via major distributors like Baldor Specialty Foods and Four Seasons, as well major retail locations such as Wakefern and Giant stores on a rolling basis throughout the fall and winter. The three kits will also be available in the produce aisle at local independent grocers in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region beginning this September, including Eataly (Flatiron and Downtown NYC locations). With this new product offering, Bowery is meeting the growing demand for convenient, nutritious, planet-positive meals on-the-go.

Now serving more than 1,100 grocery stores, Bowery opened its largest, most technologically advanced farm yet in Bethlehem, PA, earlier this year, transforming a former brownfield site into modern farmland and laying the groundwork for the next chapter in climate-smart agriculture. In 2022, Bowery also broke ground on two additional commercial farms in Locust Grove, GA and Arlington, TX. With this blueprint, Bowery has created a replicable system to grow food wherever and whenever it is needed.


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