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Bushel and ADM Launch New Digital Platform for Grain Producers

Bushel, a leading software technology provider in the agricultural supply chain, has announced the launch of a new mobile app and website portal for producers selling grain to ADM (NYSE: ADM). This digital platform aims to enhance efficiency in farming operations by offering near real-time access to vital information.

Key Features and Transition

The new digital platform will provide farmers with essential details such as:

  • Scale Tickets: Information related to the weighing of grain.
  • Contracts: Details of agreements between farmers and ADM.
  • Settlements: Information on the finalization of transactions.
  • Cash Bids: Real-time pricing information for grain.
  • Commodity Balances: (Coming soon) Visibility of open storage, delayed price contracts, delivered unpaid balances, and more.

This new app and website portal will replace GrainBridge, which will be discontinued after Friday, August 25. Over the past year, Bushel has collaborated with ADM to transition key GrainBridge technology features into this new platform, incorporating Bushel’s user-friendly interface.

ADM’s Commitment to Innovation

Doug Roose, Vice President of Producer Marketing at ADM, expressed the company’s dedication to enhancing the digital experience for producers. He stated, “ADM FarmView is a premium experience to serve our customers at the highest level possible.” Roose emphasized that innovation is central to ADM’s growth strategy and that joining the Bushel network is a vital step in their digital evolution.

Bushel’s Network Impact

The Bushel platform serves as a central hub for information and transactions, powering over 2,600 grain facilities and managing nearly 45% of grain origination in the United States and Canada, totaling almost 10 billion bushels. As more agribusinesses and producers join the Bushel Network, the network’s effect continues to grow, enhancing collaboration and efficiency throughout the supply chain.

Bushel also emphasizes secure, permission-based control in data sharing, ensuring that both growers and grain-buying facilities have control over their data. The integration with ADM will enable producer customers to access private information securely and easily, eliminating manual data entry.

CEO’s Remarks

Jake Joraanstad, CEO of Bushel, highlighted the significance of adding large grain originators like ADM to the network. He said, “The digital infrastructure becomes more robust and provides further opportunities to improve efficiencies for both agribusinesses and farmers.” Joraanstad expressed pride in welcoming ADM to the Bushel Network and emphasized the commitment to providing producers with a top-tier digital experience.

Photo by Robert Wiedemann on Unsplash 


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