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ADM Latest News: Inaugural Regenerative Agriculture Report

ADM's report highlights its growth in regenerative agriculture, significant CO2 sequestration, and sustainable partnerships.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Global Reach: ADM’s regenerative agriculture program now encompasses over 1 million acres, aiming for 4 million by 2025.
  2. Significant Impact: In 2022, ADM’s efforts led to the sequestration of 115,500 metric tons of CO2 and a reduction of CO2e emissions by 253,000 metric tons.
  3. Strategic Partnerships: Collaboration with companies like PepsiCo, Nestlé, and technology partners enhances ADM’s impact on regenerative agriculture.
  4. Innovative Approaches: ADM integrates Indigenous land management principles and adapts to local conditions in regenerative practices.
  5. Future Vision: With a focus on the COP28 event and expansion into Brazil, ADM is poised to further its commitment to sustainable agriculture.

ADM’s Inaugural Regenerative Agriculture Report

Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM), a global leader in sustainable agricultural supply chains, has released its first annual Regenerative Agriculture Report, marking a significant step in its commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. This comprehensive report titled “Farming for the Future: The State of Regenerative Agriculture Program Adoption” outlines the company’s achievements and future goals in sustainable farming practices.

Global Expansion and Impact:

ADM’s regenerative agriculture program has grown remarkably. By November 2023, the program covered nearly 2 million acres globally, substantially increasing from the 1 million acres enrolled in 2022. This expansion is a testament to the company’s dedication to sustainable agricultural practices.

Carbon Sequestration and Emission Reduction:

One of the most significant outcomes of ADM’s efforts in 2022 was the sequestration of 115,500 metric tons of CO2 and a reduction of CO2e emissions by 253,000 metric tons. This achievement is equivalent to removing over 80,000 cars from the road annually, showcasing the tangible environmental benefits of regenerative agriculture.

Innovative Agricultural Principles:

ADM’s approach to regenerative agriculture is deeply rooted in Indigenous land management practices adapted to the local physical conditions and culture. Fundamental principles include:

  • Minimizing soil disturbance.
  • Maintaining living roots in the soil.
  • Covering bare soil.
  • Maximizing biodiversity.
  • Responsibly managing agricultural inputs.

This holistic approach benefits the environment and enhances the sustainability of farming practices.

Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations:

ADM’s success in regenerative agriculture is further bolstered by its partnerships with industry giants such as PepsiCo, Nestlé, and Carlsberg. Collaborations with technology partners and conservation organizations enable the company to effectively implement and scale its regenerative agriculture efforts.

Looking Ahead:

ADM continues to expand its regenerative agriculture initiatives. The recent launch of its program in Brazil, targeting 300,000 acres by 2027, and its active role in the upcoming COP28 event in Dubai, where it will explore the role of cross-sector action in agriculture, signal the company’s ongoing commitment to sustainable practices.

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ADM’S Latest News:

ADM’s Regenerative Agriculture Program in Brazil (2023/11/22)

ADM has launched a regenerative agriculture program in Brazil to promote sustainable agricultural practices focused on soil health, biodiversity, and farm productivity. It begins with a pilot involving 20 soy farmers over nearly 50,000 acres, providing technical assistance and training to measure soil organic matter and carbon sequestration. The initiative aims to create an economically viable model for regeneration, decarbonization, and greenhouse gas removal. ADM’s efforts underscore its commitment to sustainability, plant-based solutions, and decarbonizing the industry.

ADM and Marathon Petroleum Launch Green Bison Soy Processing in North Dakota (2023/11/15)

ADM and Marathon Petroleum Corp. celebrated the opening of their joint venture, Green Bison Soy Processing, in Spiritwood, North Dakota. This state-of-the-art facility will process local soybeans to produce 75 million gallons of renewable green diesel per year, contributing to the growing demand for renewable fuels. The complex has already had a substantial economic impact in the region, employing about 75 people and supporting hundreds of jobs during its construction.

Report on Regenerative Agriculture (2023/11/09)

ADM has released a report on regenerative agriculture program adoption. The report highlights the growing importance of regenerative agriculture in consumer choices and corporate strategy. Consumers are increasingly choosing sustainable products, with 73% trusting retailers and brands more if they implement regenerative agriculture programs. Industry revenue is expected to soar from $8.70 billion to $32.29 billion within a decade. Late adopters are feeling the pressure. ADM is collaborating with diverse stakeholders to effect positive change on a global scale. They are advocating for change and providing the tools and partnerships necessary to achieve it.

Solugen and ADM Unite for Plant-Based Innovations (2023/10/31)

Solugen and ADM have partnered to bring a new era of plant-based specialty chemicals. The new manufacturing facility in Marshall, Minnesota will produce low-carbon organic acids and sustainable biomaterials as alternatives to fossil fuel-based materials for diverse applications. Solugen’s Bioforge platform is at the core of their revolutionary approach. The facility’s construction will commence offsite this year, with on-site operations in early 2024. Once operational in the first half of 2025, it’s anticipated to add at least 40 permanent positions to the workforce.

ADM Third Quarter 2023 Financial Results (2023/10/25)

ADM’s earnings per share (EPS) decreased in Q3 2023 compared to the same period in 2022, while there was a decline in North American origination for its ag services and oilseeds segment. However, the carbohydrate solutions segment grew significantly, and the nutrition segment faced challenges due to reduced demand for plant-based proteins in meat alternatives. ADM continues to diversify its portfolio with the Spiritwood production facility and the Broadwing Energy project, demonstrating its commitment to sustainable growth and innovation.

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ADM’s Monumental Investment in the Half-Earth Project (2023/10/16)

ADM announced a $1 million donation to the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation during Half-Earth Day to support research and education programs such as the Half-Earth Chairs & Scholars program and the Half-Earth Project Educator Ambassador program. The donation will be funneled through ADM Cares, the corporate social investment wing of ADM. The Chief Sustainability Officer at ADM, Alison Taylor, emphasized the alignment between ADM’s sustainability efforts and the Foundation’s mission. The collaboration between ADM and the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation sets a promising example of the commitment to environmental conservation and sustainability.

FBN & ADM’s AgTech Path to Sustainability (2023/10/13)

The partnership between Farmers Business Network, Inc. (FBN) and ADM is forging a path toward a more sustainable future in agriculture through technology and innovation. FBN’s Gradable platform streamlines operations and promotes sustainable farming practices, while ADM’s re:generations™ program provides financial and technical support to farmers. This collaboration recognizes farmers’ commitment to conservation practices and emphasizes the positive environmental impacts of sustainable agriculture. The expansion of these programs in 2023 promises to empower even more farmers and drive the industry toward a more sustainable and technologically advanced future.

ADM & Syngenta: Pioneering Sustainable Oilseeds (2023/09/29)

ADM and Syngenta are collaborating to research and introduce oilseeds with lower carbon intensity. The MoU allows both companies to tap into their strengths, with Syngenta bringing R&D capabilities and ADM boasting expansive scale and logistical finesse. The companies aim to cultivate and process futuristic varieties and are optimistic about sealing definitive agreements by year-end.

This new app and website portal will replace GrainBridge, which will be discontinued after Friday, August 25. Over the past year, Bushel has collaborated with ADM to transition key GrainBridge technology features into this new platform, incorporating Bushel’s user-friendly interface.

Bushel and ADM Launch New Digital Platform for Grain Producers (2023/08/03)

ADM is committed to enhancing the digital experience for producers and sees innovation as central to its growth strategy. Joining the Bushel network is a vital step in their digital evolution. Bushel serves as a central hub for information and transactions, powering over 2,600 grain facilities and managing nearly 45% of grain origination in the United States and Canada. The integration with ADM will enable producer customers to access private information securely and easily, eliminating manual data entry. CEO of Bushel, Jake Joraanstad, expressed pride in welcoming ADM to the network and highlighted the commitment to providing producers with a top-tier digital experience.

ADM Expands Regenerative Agriculture Program For Sustainable Farming (2023/07/19)

ADM is expanding its re:generations regenerative agriculture program to cover more North American producers. In 2022, the program enrolled over a million acres and ADM now plans to expand it to span 2 million acres in 2023. The ultimate goal is to reach 4 million acres worldwide by 2025. The program offers financial incentives and technical support to implement practices such as cover cropping, better nutrient management, and conservation tillage, with premium payments of up to $25 per acre per year for registered producers. ADM will collaborate with independent organizations for state-specific technical assistance and conduct in-person information sessions in July and August to help initiate the enrollment process.

2022 CSR, Showcasing Progress In Key ESG Areas (2023/05/19)

ADM, a global leader in food, feed, fuel, industrial, and consumer products, has released its 2022 Corporate Sustainability Report, highlighting its commitment to sustainability and progress in critical environmental, social, and governance areas. The report outlines ADM’s achievements and goals in three categories: Feeding the World, Protecting Nature, and Enriching Lives. Regarding Feeding the World, ADM has focused on efficient land use, alternative proteins, reducing food waste, and ensuring food safety. Protecting Nature initiatives include traceability, emissions reduction, water conservation, regenerative agriculture, and biodiversity management. Enriching Lives efforts encompass philanthropy, human rights, safety, and corporate culture. ADM’s sustainability efforts demonstrate its dedication to making a positive impact across its value chains and positioning sustainability as a critical component of its growth strategy.

Air Protein Announce Strategic Development Agreement (2023/05/19)

ADM and Air Protein have entered into a Strategic Development Agreement (SDA) to advance research and development efforts in creating innovative proteins for nutrition. The collaboration combines ADM’s nutrition, formulation, and research expertise with Air Protein’s landless agriculture platform. The goal is to develop cost-effective ingredients that meet meat substitutes’ nutrition, flavor, and texture targets. The SDA also includes exclusive rights for ADM and Air Protein to collaborate on building and operating the world’s first commercial-scale plant. ADM has been a strategic investor in Air Protein, providing significant backing for its growth initiatives. Air Protein recently completed a regulatory review confirming the safety of its protein, marking an important milestone in its journey to offer consumers the protein of the future.

Partners With Believer Meats To Develop and Commercialize Cultivated Meat (2023/04/13)

ADM and Believer Meats have partnered to develop and market cultivated meat products. As a global leader in sustainable nutrition, ADM aims to meet food security and sustainability needs by expanding the protein ecosystem, including cultivated meat. Believer Meats brings its ground-breaking cell-cultivation technology to the collaboration. The partnership will leverage ADM’s ingredient expertise and nutrition solutions to enhance Believer’s proprietary meat production process. The non-exclusive agreement also allows for the potential commercialization of new products, supported by ADM’s processing expertise and footprint. With a shared commitment to sustainability and meeting the demands of a growing population, this collaboration is poised to accelerate the growth and commercialization of cultivated meat, shaping a more sustainable food system for the future.

ADM and Brightseed Partner to Develop Synbiotic Products For Microbiome Optimization (2023/04/10)

ADM, a leader in nutrition around the world, and Brightseed, a bioactive business, have announced a partnership to create functional synbiotic products that are evidence-based and aimed at optimizing the microbiome for proactive and individualized health. To understand the molecular interactions between dietary plants and gut microorganisms and their possible effects on human health, the cooperation uses Brightseed’s artificial intelligence (A.I.) platform, Forager®.

New Production Facility In Valencia, Spain (2023/02/27)

ADM has opened a new production facility in Valencia, Spain, to produce probiotics and postbiotics. The $30 million investment will increase ADM’s production capacity fivefold to 50 metric tons per year. The facility supports ADM’s growth strategy in the health and wellness sector, aiming to increase revenue from $500 million in 2022 to $2 billion in the next decade. The facility will produce ADM’s proprietary strains, including BPL1™ probiotic and heat-treated BPL1™ postbiotic, catering to the US, Asia-Pacific, and European markets. ADM expects its customer base to triple in the next five years, aligning with the estimated $10.4 billion growth of the probiotic supplement retail market by 2027.

ADM Q4 Results: Strengthening Focus On Sustainability and Innovation (2023/01/27)

ADM achieved strong financial results in Q4 2022, with full-year adjusted EPS of $7.85 and segment operating profit of $6.6B. The company’s strategic initiatives and focus on sustainability, innovation, and delivering value to shareholders position it well for future growth. ADM also returned $2.3B to shareholders through dividends and share repurchases.

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