Cargill Edison Awards

Cargill Wins Four Prestigious 2023 Edison Awards™

Cargill, a global food and agriculture industry leader, has earned four 2023 Edison Awards™, demonstrating the company’s dedication to innovation and excellence in food, agriculture, and sustainability. The Edison Awards™, honored by American inventor Thomas Alva Edison, celebrate the most innovative products and business leaders worldwide, recognizing excellence in new product and service development, marketing, design, and innovation.

Cargill’s mission to address critical global issues such as supply chain continuity, climate action, nutrition, and food security has led to numerous groundbreaking solutions. As a result, the company received the following Edison Awards™ for its innovative achievements:

  • GOLD – Cargill RegenConnect™: A financial incentive program encouraging farmers to adopt regenerative agriculture practices, facilitating their connection to environmental markets, and helping end-use customers fulfill sustainability commitments.
  • GOLD – Galleon™ Broiler Microbiome Intelligence: A cutting-edge analysis tool harnessing artificial intelligence to evaluate the gut microbiome health of poultry flocks, offering insights and actions to improve flock health, profitability, and performance.
  • SILVER – SimPure RF: A revolutionary soluble rice flour and clean label alternative to maltodextrin, providing high solubility, neutral flavor, and enhanced creaminess.
  • BRONZE – EverSweet™ + ClearFlo (EC1) Sweetening System: A first-of-its-kind solution combining EverSweet, a Reb M-based stevia sweetener, with ClearFlo natural flavor to improve flavor, mouthfeel, dissolution, and solubility while reducing sugar content in various foods and beverages.

These innovative solutions highlight Cargill’s commitment to creating impactful change in the food and agriculture industry, drawing from over a century of experience.

Florian Schattenmann, Cargill’s Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Research & Development and Innovation, stated, “Our teams around the globe are ecstatic to receive this outstanding award for all four of these groundbreaking solutions. Through dedication, innovative thinking, and critical collaboration, we are changing the industry and empowering our customers and communities.” He emphasized that Cargill will continue investing in innovation and its people to drive further change.

The Edison Awards Steering Committee reviews all nominations, with an independent panel of over 3,000 senior business executives and academics determining the final ballot. The panel includes professionals from product development, design, engineering, science, marketing, education, and past award winners.

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