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USDA Breaks Ground on Forage-Animal Production Facility

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack recently participated in a groundbreaking ceremony for the Forage-Animal Production Research Unit (FAPRU) at the University of Kentucky. The event marked the beginning of the construction […]

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University of Chicago’s Innovation Lab Establishes Commission on Climate Change, Food Security, and Agriculture

The University of Chicago’s Development Innovation Lab has established an Innovation Commission concentrating on Climate Change, Food Security, and Agriculture. In addition, Michael Kremer, a University Professor in Economics at […]

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Texas A&M Leads National Study to Advance Responsive Agriculture

The Institute for Advancing Health Through Agriculture (IHA) at Texas A&M is initiating a national study, seeking experts and leaders across the agriculture-food value chain to advance the concept of […]

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Fusarium-Resistant Strawberry Varieties Released by UC Davis

The University of California, Davis (UC Davis) unveils five new strawberry varieties resistant to Fusarium wilt, a soilborne disease that has caused crop loss and death in the state. These cultivars also […]

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Strengthening Livestock Reproduction Systems: The New Animal Reproduction and Biotechnology Center at Texas A&M

Reproduction issues in livestock species significantly impact producers and consumers alike, affecting the bottom line and ultimately the cost of meat. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture National Institute […]

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Plant Microbiota Regulates Root Development To Cope With Environmental Stress

University of Nottingham plant scientists have uncovered a brand-new regulatory mechanism demonstrating how plant microbiota collaborate with plant roots to regulate plant branching. For the first time, the research results, […]

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Purdue University Researchers Design Two LED Lighting Strategies To Optimise Energy Use

Purdue University researchers have designed two simple LED lighting strategies to increase yield and reduce energy costs for the vertical farming sector of indoor agriculture. Their work is part of […]

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Purdue University Receives $10M Grant From USDA For Aquaponic Research Project

Purdue University has just received a $10 million grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to increase the production of seafood in the United States. The funding will be used […]

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Cornell AgriTech Center To Receive $20M Funding

Cornell AgriTech is a world-class research institution and center of excellence in food and agriculture located in Geneva, New York. The center focuses on developing new technologies and practices to […]

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Oat Responses to Drought: Physiology and Metallothioneins

Drought is a significant threat to food security, as it leads to reduced crop yields and can have devastating consequences for communities around the world. As a result, researchers have […]

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