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With a focus on modern approaches to livestock rearing, the category provides insights into how technological advancements are revolutionizing the way animals are bred, fed, and managed. It examines cutting-edge breeding technologies that are not only enhancing the quality and productivity of livestock but also ensuring genetic diversity and animal welfare.

Sustainable farming practices are a cornerstone of this category, reflecting a growing awareness of the need for environmentally friendly and ethically responsible farming methods. It covers topics such as the implementation of eco-friendly farming techniques, the reduction of carbon footprints, and the promotion of circular economies in livestock farming. These practices are essential in addressing the challenges posed by climate change and in ensuring a sustainable future for agriculture.

The ‘Livestock’ category is an essential read for farmers, agribusiness professionals, and anyone with an interest in the future of agriculture. It offers a comprehensive overview of how innovation and sustainability are shaping the livestock industry, making it a crucial part of the global food system. Through this category, iGrow News provides valuable, up-to-date information and analysis, helping readers stay informed about the latest trends and developments in the field of livestock farming.

Fish Partnerships

Aqua Bridge Group & EnerTech Announce A JV At COP28

Key Takeaways Aqua Bridge Group and EnerTech announced a joint venture at COP28, aiming to decarbonize Kuwait’s food supply chains. The venture focuses.

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Blockchain Livestock Partnerships Smart Farming

HerdWhistle Partners with BlockTrust

Key Takeaways Partnership Announcement: HerdWhistle Technologies Inc. partners with BlockTrust Network to expand market reach and customer base in the web3 space. Product.

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Livestock Partnerships Smart Farming

HerdWhistle Technologies Partners with Impresario

Key Takeaways: Strategic Partnership: HerdWhistle Technologies Incorporated has partnered strategically with Impresario Partners to expand globally. Advisory Board Addition: George Moen, a partner at Impresario,.

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Livestock Sustainable Agriculture

Mootral’s Enterix Advanced Targets Global Methane Reduction

Key Takeaways: Innovative Technology: Mootral’s Enterix Advanced incorporates iodoform and garlic compounds, boosting methane reduction efficacy without affecting livestock productivity. Global Impact Potential: The technology.

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Awards Livestock Research

ASTech Awards 2023: Livestock Gentec Wins

Key Takeaways Livestock Gentec is recognized for its transformative genomic technologies in cattle. Focused on enhancing beef sector competitiveness, profitability, and sustainability. Collaborates.

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AgriBusiness Livestock

HarvestIQ Announces Expansion into Livestock Markets & Rebranding

Key Takeaways Expansion into Livestock Markets: HarvestIQ, previously Farmers Risk, is extending its portfolio to include livestock markets. Enhanced Platform Capabilities: The expansion.

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Financial Results Fish Market Trends & Economy

AquaBounty Announces Q3 2023 Financial Results

Key Takeaways Revenue Increase: AquaBounty reported a 12% year-over-year increase in product revenue, marking a rise to $733 thousand in Q3 2023 from $653.

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AgriBusiness Controlled Environment Agriculture Livestock

HydroGreen Latest News: Golden Rule Dairy Expands Use

In the evolving dairy farming landscape, the partnership between CubicFarm Systems Corp. and Golden Rule Dairy has emerged as a beacon of innovation.

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Grants Livestock

BiomEdit Receives Grant for Microbiome-Based Innovations

Key Takeaways: BiomEdit has been awarded a grant to develop microbiome-based solutions to reduce methane emissions from cattle. The company’s approach includes using.

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AgriBusiness Algae Carbon Credits Livestock

Provectus Algae’s Solution for Livestock Methane Reduction

Key Takeaways Provectus Algae moves into livestock methane reduction with a 30,000 L demonstration plant for producing Asparagopsis feed additives. Their unique photosynthetic.

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