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Biotalys Latest News: Strategic Focus & Organizational Changes

Key Takeaways Biotalys shifts focus to second-generation AGROBODY™ technology under new CEO Kevin Helash. The company updates its product pipeline and undergoes significant.

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Grants Plant Science

CDFA Announces Funding for Sustainable Pest Management in San Joaquin Valley

Key Takeaways CDFA awards $490,000 to CURES for sustainable pest management using pheromone disruption. The project targets navel orangeworm (NOW) in almond, pistachio,.

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AgriBusiness Innovation Plant Science

Lavie Bio Expands Yalos™ to Durum and Barley

Key Takeaways: Product Expansion and Rebranding: Lavie Bio Ltd., a subsidiary of Evogene Ltd., has expanded its microbiome-based product, now rebranded as Yalos™ (formerly.

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Yara Latest News: Introduces New Biostimulant

Key Takeaways YaraAmplix Launch: Yara International Introduces YaraAmplix, a new biostimulant brand. Climate Change Impact: Addressing agricultural challenges due to rising global temperatures..

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AgriBusiness Biotech Funding Round

AgroSpheres Banks Expansion of $25M Series B

Key Takeaways: AgroSpheres Expansion: AgroSpheres, a leader in sustainable crop protection, has completed its $25 million Series B funding round. Strategic Investment: FMC.

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AgriBusiness Nutrients Plant Science

Sensient BioNutrients Enhances Agricultural Efficiency With Bloomgenix™ Platform Expansion

Key Takeaways: Sensient BioNutrients continues to enhance its Bloomgenix™ line, focusing on sustainable plant nutrition solutions. Bloomgenix™ products aim to increase crop yield.

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Crop Protection Research Sustainable Agriculture

How Crop Diversification in France is Cutting Down Pesticide Use

Key Takeaways Major Breakthrough in Sustainable Agriculture: A comprehensive study published in Nature Communications highlights the significant benefits of crop diversification in reducing.

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Plant Science Research

Legume-Rhizobia Symbiosis: CRISPR/Cas9 Reveals New Insights

Key Takeaways: Research by Berivan Güngör et al. (2023) focuses on the role of nodule-specific cysteine-rich (NCR) peptides in legume-rhizobia symbiosis. Despite the.

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Plant Science Research

Cu@Ag-CPX Nanocomposite as a Potent Antimicrobial Agent

Key Takeaways: Pormohammad et al. (2023) explore using purple cabbage extract to synthesize Cu nanoparticles. A new Cu@Ag-CPX nanocomposite was created, showing promising.

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Bee Vectoring Technologies News: Completes Debt Settlement

Key Takeaways Debt Settlement Closure: Bee Vectoring Technologies (BVT) has finalized its debt settlement agreement. Equity Issuance: 2,765,138 Common shares issued at $0.06.

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