9th August 2022

A Webinar on The Evolution Of Vertical Farming Technology

From advancements in lighting, racking, HVAC, automation, and more, vertical farming technology has evolved rapidly in the past decade to the point where commercial viability for specific crops is now clearly achievable. But there are still challenges: unit economics for many crops, energy consumption, and labor, to name a few. Led by Agritecture Founder Henry […]

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EMEA Urban Farming Videos

VIDEO: Singapore’s Vision To Food Security

This documentary from Financial Times, Food Revolution episodes describes how Singapore see in Urban Farming a potential solution to decreasing its reliance on food imports as the country lacks arable land. Have a look and don’t hesitate to share your comments below!

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Urban Farming Videos

VIDEO: Urban Farming Inside Hong-Kong’s Skyscrapers

Have a look at this video from Forbes Asia, presenting Farm66, a high-tech urban farm co-founded by Gordon Tam. Since 2013, Farm66 has been developing and practising the concept of urban farming. Through patented in-house innovations, such as “Multi-layer Vertical Planting (MVP) structure”, “Soilless Hydroponics Farming (SHF) techniques”, “Indoor Aquaponics Farming Eco-system (IAFE)”, “Energy-efficient LED […]

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Controlled Environment Agriculture Vertical Farming Videos

VIDEO: How Vertical Farming Will Change Agriculture

Down on the farm presents how vertical farming will change our food supply chains and how far it is going to go. Watch the video below to discover more: Sign-Up to our newsletter to get the latest information: 

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Corporate Videos

VERTICAL FARMING CONVERSATIONS Episode 1 — Plenty Joins Forces With Walmart

Vertical Farming Conversations Episode 1 With Nate Storey, Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder at Plenty Unlimited, Inc., San Francisco, CA, U.S.A. April 26, 2022 HOST: Prof. Joel Cuello, The University of Arizona

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