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Certhon Reveals A New Greenhouse Providing More Control

Certhon Reveils New Greenhouse

SupriSun is Certhon’s newest invention. This brand-new greenhouse is said to provide growers, with complete control over lighting. The temperature systems work in tandem with the greenhouse concept to provide the same level of control as an indoor farm. According to Chief Innovation Officer John van der Sande, “You may think of it as an indoor farm, but without the exorbitant energy expenses because you are leveraging the power of the sun.” The SupriSun greenhouse can be constructed separately or in conjunction with Certhon’s prior invention, the Gronos.

A brand-new greenhouse design called SupriSun features unique screens and controllable LED lighting. The best way to control the amount of light is to combine these two. Here, both the uniformity and controllability of the light are highlighted offering a method for indoor gardening that is energy-efficient. The growth environment can be properly controlled, the demands of the plants can be perfectly met, and the greenhouse can continue to utilize the sun’s heat and light.

Reducing expensive energy prices
Energy and electricity are used extensively in climate chambers and greenhouses for LED lighting, dehumidification, and other systems. According to Van der Sande, “it is vital to maintain coming up with high-quality technology solutions because energy costs are growing and electricity prices are currently a hurdle for many indoor farming initiatives.” The SupriSun greenhouse uses the power of the sun in addition to energy to operate. “You may create a climate that is adjustable and maintains a consistent temperature and light level by combining the effects of the sun with customized screens, dimmable LEDs, and climate systems. By doing so, you avoid paying the significant energy expenses associated with a fully operational indoor farm.” Diseases cannot spread while the SupriSun greenhouse is closed.

Image provided by Certhon 


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