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CES 2023 Marked By Robotics & Automation For Farming

CES 2023 agriculture technology

A dazzling week of product introductions, significant business announcements, and technological advancements that will assist to address global concerns brought CES 2023 to a close yesterday. Over 115,000 business people attended CES, exceeding expectations and making it the biggest audited global tech show since early 2020. Global challenges including access to clean water, food security, smart city infrastructure, sustainable energy solutions, personal security, and others are addressed by the goods announced at CES 2023. The program focused on the ways in which innovation may promote clean water access, power smart cities, develop sustainable agricultural systems, and preserve energy while generating more electricity.

This year’s CES was marked by a number of trends, one of them nonetheless, grabbed our attention and that is the rise of automated products/services in the farming industry. Indeed, in an increasingly connected world, farmers today can remotely control/monitor the health of their plants, their fields (if outdoors), and their facility (if indoors) along with a wealth of other parameters. Tools to help farmers collect and analyze data and improve decision-making were all the rage during the event in an era pushing towards reducing the use of pesticides, reducing water usage as well as making farming more efficient.

According to Gary Shapiro, president, and CEO of the CTA, “CES 2023 was the great reconnection and rocked by every measure – from attendance to the keynote stage to press conferences and product launches on the exhibit floor – demonstrating the whole world that in-person events are BACK! This week’s innovation will spur economic development and transformation in significant ways to improve our quality of life and pave the path for a better future for the next generation,”

The push for automation helps also farmers with the issues linked to labor shortages affecting the entire sector globally. Indeed, throughout the world, farmers find it hard to recruit seasonal or full-time workers which resulted in losses incurred and further pressure on a sector already dealing with hyperinflation.

Another trend that has risen in this year’s event is the push toward sustainability. A number of companies offered new services/products that further reduce the impact on the environment, the consumption of fossil fuel, and its overall efficiency.

Image provided by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi

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