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CH4 Global launches Methane Tamer™ Beef Feedlot

Methane Lowering Solution CH4 Global

Methane Tamer™ Beef Feedlot, a new unique methane-lowering digestive assistance feed formulation for beef feedlot cattle, has been introduced, according to CH4 Global, Inc. The product, which will first be commercially accessible to partners in Australia, is the first of a line of solutions for a wide range of ruminant animals and agricultural practices being developed under the Methane Tamer™ brand. Global growth is planned for later years.

The critical component of the new formulation, Asparagopsis seaweed, which has been shown to reduce methane emissions in cattle by up to 90%, lowers methane generation in the animal rumen. To boost intake by feedlot cattle and simple inclusion in the feeding regimen, our patented formulation comprises premium Asparagopsis and other natural components. Up to a 90% reduction in enteric methane emissions from beef feedlot cattle, support for feed efficiency and weight gain, and help in digestion are all advantages of Methane Tamer™ Beef Feedlot.

To drastically reduce the methane footprint without changing the production process and the opportunity to deliver premium, low-methane food, our product will be made available to our current business partners CirPro and Ravensworth, as well as other partnerships currently under negotiation with commercial scale feedlots and food producers, says Steve Meller, CEO of CH4 Global.

According to Chris Rose, Chief Business Development Officer of CH4 Global, “As we validate the business model with our initial partners, we will expand to our next group of partners who enable scaling in our launch market and initial expansion into new geographic markets.” “The key to our business, and what we do well, is to promote a pricing structure that both makes it possible and advantageous to utilize our product from an economic and environmental standpoint. Additionally, it’s how we’ll make an effect of a gigatonne size before 2030.

CH4 Global’s Methane Tamer™ Beef Feedlot is a natural product that includes the entire Asparagopsis plant used in independent peer-reviewed animal feed investigations. It is not a synthetic replica of only one of the active ingredients or an extract from Asparagopsis. CH4 Global has created a product of the best quality, least expensive, and most effective because of patented operating efficiency and composition breakthroughs. This product was created for and with the end user.

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