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Cornell AgriTech Center To Receive $20M Funding

Cornell AgriTech is a world-class research institution and center of excellence in food and agriculture located in Geneva, New York. The center focuses on developing new technologies and practices to promote sustainable and profitable agriculture, improve the nutritional quality of food, and enhance food safety. It also plays a critical role in providing educational programs and technical assistance to farmers and other stakeholders in the agriculture industry.

The $20 million proposed in Governor Hochul’s FY 2024 budget to modernize Cornell AgriTech’s Center of Excellence for Food and Agriculture is a significant investment that will help ensure this vital institution’s continued success and growth. The funding will be used to upgrade facilities, purchase new equipment, and support research projects that will address some of the most pressing challenges facing the agriculture industry today. This includes developing new crop varieties that are more resistant to pests and diseases, improving soil health and fertility, and reducing the environmental impact of farming.

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In addition to supporting the work of Cornell AgriTech, the budget proposal includes a range of other investments to boost economic growth and job creation in the Finger Lakes region. The $2.6 billion in School Aid and $222.5 million increase in Foundation Aid will provide much-needed resources to support the education system and help prepare students for future jobs. In addition, the $96 million for transportation funding will help improve the region’s infrastructure, making it easier for businesses to transport goods and for workers to commute to their jobs.

The Finger Lakes Region plan also includes investments in technical training, park upgrades, and the expansion of the Susan B. Anthony Museum & House. These investments reflect a comprehensive approach to economic development that seeks to create a more vibrant and prosperous community where all residents can thrive.

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