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Corteva Agriscience Unveils Bexoveld™

Corteva Agriscience Unveils Bexoveld™, A Cereal herbicide

Corteva Agriscience, a global leader in agricultural science and innovation, announced today that Bexoveld™ would be the brand name for its latest herbicide. This new product will provide cereal farmers with an additional weapon against broadleaf weeds.

Pending regulatory reviews, Corteva plans to launch Bexoveld in North America in 2028 and in Europe by 2030. With Bexoveld, Corteva aims to continue augmenting the cereal herbicide market by providing differentiated products for expanded spectrum weed control.

“Bexoveld is a proprietary molecule discovered by Corteva and represents a third-generation 6-Arylpicolinate (6-AP) herbicide. This innovation is built upon our deep understanding of Arylex™ active and Rinskor™ active herbicides,” said Sam Eathington, Chief Technology, and Digital Officer at Corteva Agriscience.

Eathington shared the team’s enthusiasm about the novel auxin herbicides, which interact uniquely with auxin receptors to provide resistance management and differentiated attributes. These new molecules also meet the company’s criteria for sustainable innovation.

“Bexoveld has demonstrated exceptional control of broadleaf weeds, including key resistant species in cereal crops,” Eathington said. “It’s particularly effective at low use rates against Kochia, North America’s number one broadleaf weed in cereal crops, and against European weeds like poppy, Veronica, and wild mustard, which commonly impact wheat, rye, triticale, and barley farmers.”

Arylpicolinate herbicides are recognized for their favorable regulatory, toxicological, and environmental profiles. Bexoveld stands out among other auxin mimic herbicides due to its low-dose use rate, superior efficacy, and rapid breakdown in soil, meaning crop restrictions in the following season are minimal. 

In addition, residue levels of Bexoveld and its metabolites fall below the Limit of Quantification in cereal grains, further enhancing its environmental profile.

Bexoveld will be a highly complementary addition to Corteva’s current cereal herbicide portfolio. The company plans to offer it in several pre-mixed formulations alongside other leading Corteva herbicides, offering farmers a comprehensive and effective solution for broadleaf weed control.

Photo by Riky Atrot on Unsplash 

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